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Alex Dean

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Mars

what discoveries show some sort of life on Mars?
No form of of life has been discovered yet, but discoveries show that there was once tons of fresh water. The curiosity rover found clay that can only form in fresh water. this shows that mars could have been habitable, at least for a human.
what discoveries show that mars was habitable?

There were discoveries of the elements of all the basic necessities for humans or other life before present day on earth
does mars have non-toxic elements?
yes,NASA recently found a rock with oxygen, hydrogen and other life providing elements.
does mars have drinkable water for humans?
yes, scientists have found fresh water river beds. they can its fresh water because of clay, which only forms in fresh water, at least on earth.
what are current mars missions?
the ongoing mission is the curiosity rover which is on mars right now.
how does the curiosity rover do to keep on running on mars?
the curiosity rover has a nuclear battery and solar panels to charge the battery. the nuclear battery has ten pounds of plutonium -238.
what are some of the materials the curiosity rover made out of?
some of the most commonly used materials to build rovers are copper,aluminum, steel, and other strong useful materials that are commonly used to build rockets.
when and where was the curiosity rover launched?
the rover was launched at cape Canaveral LC-41 on November 26, 2011
Where did the rover land and when?
the curiosity rover landed in "yellow knife" in aeolis palos in gale crater on august 2012.
curiosity rover landing video
how was mars like earth a long time ago?
mars has plate tectonics just like on earth,that move over long periods of time. so there could have been a lot of water on mars.
how was the curiosity rover landed?
the curiosity rover was landed a whole new way, that included thrusters, causing it to fall softly and other new gadgets.
what is the next mission to discover mars?
the next mission to mars is called maven (mars atmosphere and volatile evolution). the purpose of it is to study mars atmosphere.
what is the goal out of all these missions?
the goal is to see if its possible to have humans live on mars and study it further. we are also going to do it because if mars is good enough for humans to live on, and earth's pollution is so bad, humans could possibly live there.
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a prezi by: Alex dean
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