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A Reflexive Journey into MOOCs

A presentation by Ramone Al Bishawi about her role as a KTP Associate for the North Alliance in partnership with the University of Aberdeen.

Ramone AlBishawi

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of A Reflexive Journey into MOOCs

Currently designing a MOOC on the subject of Managing & Surviving Change

What we learnt from the pilot miniMOOC

-length and time were ideal for CL&D workers
-it required too many sign ups & log ins
-navigation was fairly intuitable but still needs improving
-the pilot was a miniMOOC & we intend to broaden participation in the next MOOC A Reflexive Journey into MOOCs Ramone al Bishawi, KTP Associate, North Alliance
albishawi@abdn.ac.uk The North Alliance Aberdeen
Western Isles Aim of the partnership To improve opportunities and access to Continuing Professional Development for the Community Learning and Development workforce

North of Scotland’s geography -travel time, costs, access to CPD in rural and remote locations

Social isolation in rural & remote locations

The increasing importance of IT literacy Scoping Study
Multi-level social barriers to involvement;

Technological barriers to access

Blended learning was considered the optimum method for delivering CPD

Virtual barriers – poor internet access, firewalls, lack of modern technology

Qualities of a good online resource – ease of access (no multiple log-ins), highly interactive, mix of delivery methods. http://minimooc.wikispaces.com We engaged around 60 participants in the MOOC.

The CPD opportunity was;

-two fold learning - subject & technology...
-practitioners plan to use the technologies they
engaged with.
-practitioners reflected on practice.
-practitioners inspired to develop their own MOOCs
Ran over six weeks

Keynote speeches delivered by a wide variety of people

Used innovative technologies

Included weekly tasks for participants to complete miniMOOC in Supporting
Community Empowerment Based on 15 responses Reflexivity in the MOOC
We designed the weekly tasks to expose participants to a wide variety of technologies whilst simultaneously providing an opportunity to learn about & reflect on different interpretations of empowerment.

Used accessible learning technologies that could be applied by participants if they wanted to develop their own MOOCs

Designing a pilot MOOC required that I develop a good understanding of a wide range of technologies and was therefore a steep learning curve for me. Future Developments & Personal Development miniMOOC in Supporting
Community Empowerment Do you feel the choice of technology suited the content Presentations at the CARN & ARNA conferences

JISC RSC Learning Online Course, mobiMOOC & generally developing an deeper understanding of technologies

Masters in Social & Educational Research

Research experience & enriched understanding of CL&D

KTP Modules 1 &2 (Project Management, Leadership, Marketing, Finance etc) Personal Development Do you feel you learnt anything from the miniMOOC?

“I’m not totally lost in the technology. Accessing the learning at any time of the day was very useful. However, participating in the discussions is more difficult with delays in time”

“Learned loads about technology”

“The variety of projects made it particularly interesting. It’s always so useful to hear what other people are doing and this was so much more engaging than reading case studies” How did you find the following activities? How did you find the following activities?
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