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Geography Project


tarik arikan

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Geography Project

by:Tarik A Here are some pull factors for Orlando Florida Orlando Florida -It is the fifth largest city in Florida (Social migration)

-Home of the Orlando resort, Walt Disney World Resort and SeaWorld. (Social migration)

- Orlando's technology industry is quickly growing. It employs over 53,000 people. They are involved in digital media, agritechnology, aviation, aerospace, and software development. These industries have connections with over 150 companies throughout 20 countries. (Economic migration)

-Convention industry is also to the region's economy. The Orange County Convention Center is the second-largest convention complex in terms of the United States. (Economic migration)

-Orlando has the 7th largest research park in the country Central.Its name is the Florida Research Park. It is home to over 120 companies.It employs more than 8,500 people. (Economic migration) It is also known for its most visited attraction which is... Walt Disney World! My personal favourite theme park is... Universal Studios! Now here are some Push factors. -Humid subtropical climate which can cause a heat wave. (enviromental barriers)

-Tropical storm,Hurricane and cyclones occur. (Enviromental barriers) In the year of 2000, 75% of all pedestrians spook English as their first language, while 17% spook Spanish, 2% spook Haitian Creole, 1% spook French, and 1% of the population spook Portuguese. Language My Second place is Ankara which is located in Turkey. Ankara has a population of 3,763,591. 1,870,831 are men and 1,892,760 are women. Population Language Main language:Turkish
Other language:Kurdish, Arabic,
Bosnian, Circassian
Pull Factors -My favourite cousin lives there and his mom/my aunt (Social migration)

-Beautiful weather (Enviromental migration)

-Alot of history (Social migration)

-Healthier food (Social migration)

-Second largest city in Turkey (Social migration)

Push Factors -To much heat which can cause a heat wave (Physical barrier)

-The turkish government allows men to hit girls (Political barrier)

-Alot of terrorism (Physical barrier)

-A Kurdish terrorist group which go by the name of PKK live near Turkey (Physical barrier)
Windsor Ontario Canada is my last place. Push Factors -W -Windsor has a large selection of vegetation and wheats grown. (Social migration) gf - --fdgh werwew Economy
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