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Manufacturing of Nike Footwear

No description

Izzy Staddon

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of Manufacturing of Nike Footwear

Manufacturing of Nike Footwear
Mexico has one factory with 348 workers. It is 100% Footwear, therefore doesn't make anything else. The average age is 35 with 61% being women and 0% being migrants.
There are 3 factories in Italy which only produce and manufacture footwear. There are 649 workers all together. 61.5% are women and 2.7% are migrants. The average age is 42.
Has 5 factories with 2,270 workers. It's 100% footwear. 38% are female and 24.1% are migrants. The average age is 45.
Has 17 factories with 8709 workers. It only manufactures shoes, nothing else. 0.1% are migrants and 66.8% are women. The average age is 38.
Nike Headquarters
More than 2000 people in Nike's headquarters.
For the 3 months from 31 August, Nike has made a profit of £775m
North America
They buy 48.07% of Nikes Products
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