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karthikeyen elavarasu

on 21 January 2015

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The aim of the Paper is attending to the relative new appearance of the Urban Entertainment Center as a development of the entertainment market in India.

A whole new entertainment projects integrate entertainment with retail, dining sports and cultural facilities to create both a resident and tourist destination.
Tourism is a sector which provides one of the highest employment opportunity for every rupee invested. It is a sector that creates self-employment opportunities particularly for unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

Study is to be carried out for developing UECs in major cities. The parameters for prioritizing the cities are as follows
Resident and Tourist Population
Economic growth of the city
Socio-economic profile (EconomicIndicators)
Availability of Suitable land
The objective of this study would be to assimilate the available information and assess the existing facilities and arrive at relative advantages, constraints, issues for identification finalization of project requirements.
• Movie halls • Restaurants • Shopping complex • Theme parks • Walk ways • Museums

1. Commercial Complex- a. Retail stores b. Multiplexes c. Restaurants
2. Theme Parks a. Water rides b. Dry rides c. Go-karting d. Video-games e. Fast food centers
3. Car Parking: a. Parking Facility for visitors to both Theme Parks and Commercial Complex
4. Other Infrastructure: a. Walkways b. Open space for activities such as roller skating, cycling etc.

1. Study of Urban Entertainment Center globally
2.Case study of UEC’s
 Mall of America- Minneapolis, USA
 Ayala Center Greenbelt 3, Makati City, Philippines
3. Study Indian Entertainment sector
4. Prioritization of cities
Data on profile of the Indian cities including key economic indicators would be reviewed. Tourists’ profile, socio-economic profile of the existing population, demographics etc. would be collected and analyzed.
5. Desk Review of cities identified
Based on the above analysis, cities in which UECs may be developed on priority basis will be identified.

6. Identification of key issues
Depending on the local conditions, key issues will be identified for the development of UEC.
7. Market assessment
A preliminary market assessment would be carried out to understand the perceptions of the industry and identify the potential opportunities for the project.
8. Financial feasibility
A financial feasibility and requirements of urban entertainment center is analyzed.
9. Risk Analysis

10. Review of statutory and legal framework
The various legislations/ Acts and Rules governing development of UECs in the cities would be reviewed.

11. Design proposal of Urban Entertainment Center

12. Conclusion

Examination of the Use of Urban Entertainment Centers as a Catalyst for Downtown Revitalization
John S. Bender

Urban Entertainment Destination
A Developmental Approach for Urban Revitalization
By Christopher Shawn Tofte

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