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Biography of Shakespeare

No description

Ghaziya Elahi

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Biography of Shakespeare

Biography of Shakespeare
Mystery of Shakespeare
Didn't know about foregin languages
He didn't travel and explore
He didin't actually write the plays
Has two lost years
Only two protraits are trustworthy
Middle years and Marriage/ Playwrights
-Playwrights were not seen as literary experts.
-poets were seen as highly educated people.
-Venus and Adonis on April 18th 1593.
-The poem was an artistic success!
-Shakespeare didn’t want to write poems.
-Playwrights could prove to be dangerous!
playwirghts - a danger
-Elizabethan politics were really dangerous.
-opposition to the state - torutured.
-Catholics were seen as a threat .
-There were spies everywhere.
-Elizabeth lived in fear of Plots.
-authorised the publication of his play.

the marriage of shakespeare
-Married Anne hathaway from Shottery.
-Anne was an illetrate.
-Anne-25/26, william 18/19 years old.
-Anne became pregnant before the marriage.
-two documents regarding marriage-different names.
-were married at Temple Grafton.

Shakespeare's Death
Died on April 23rd 1616 at Stratford-upon-Avon
Buried inside Holy Trinity Church
His grave inscribed with a curse
His death is a mystery
Didn't leave much to his family
Nothing were published after his death
Lifeworks were organized by his friends
Published as " Mr. William Shakespeare Comedies"
Now known as "First Folio"
Later Years

Shakespeare's Lifestyle
Shakespeare's Friend's
John Heminges & Henry Condell close friends
William left little money for friends
John Heminges was William's editor
Henry Condell was an actor
Richard Burbage played tittle roles
By: Ghaziya, Japvinit, Fatima and Eva
lived in small area, great population
attended local grammer school
father was a glove maker
wrote poems and plays
shareholder of Lord Chamberlain's men
purchased 2nd largest house in Stratford
Shakespeare's house
Shakespeare's school
Birth and early years
Was born on April 23rd 1564,
William Shakespeare was the eldest son
Third child of 8 in the family
Shakespeare went to grammer school (Latin)
He didn't go to University
Still had good grasp of language
Anne Hathaway
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