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Timeline of The Picture of Dorian Gray

No description

Jonathan Chan

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Timeline of The Picture of Dorian Gray

38 20 Timeline of The Picture of Dorian Gray Dorian is years old. Dorian is years old. Chapters I to X Basil introduces Dorian to Harry, who begins to influence Dorian.
Basil finishes painting the portrait of Dorian Gray. One beautiful summer day Wednesday Dorian is engaged to Sybil. Henry, Basil and Dorian go to see Sybil in Romeo and Juliet, who performs badly.
Dorian leaves Sybil because she can no longer act, but he regrets this when he realizes that his portrait will reveal all his sins rather than his body. Tuesday Henry tells Dorian the next morning that Sybil has committed suicide. Dorian is less sad than expected. Thursday Basil visits Dorian's house to comfort him.
He wishes to display Dorian's portrait at an exhibition but Dorian won't let him see it. Basil confesses his adoration of him.
Dorian later moves the portrait to the attic. Friday One month later... Dorian is heavily affected by Henry's book.
Dorian begins to collect perfumes, jewels and textiles as a way to experience different sensations. Over the next 18 years... Chapters XII to XVI Basil meets Dorian at his house before he leaves for Paris
Dorian shows Basil his portrait and later stabs Basil. 10 Nov. -
Morning Dorian asks for Alan Campbell, a chemist, to destroy Basil's corpse in the attic. Dorian goes to Lady Narborough's dinner party. 10 Nov. -
Evening 10 Nov. -
Night 9 Nov. Dorian visits an opium den and sees and old friend, Adrian Singleton.
James Vane attempts to shoot him but falters when he sees how young he looks.
A woman from the den tells James that Dorian has not aged for 18 years. Chapters XVII to XVIII Dorian has tea with the Duchess of Monmouth, Gladys (Henry's cousin). When he goes to get an orchid for Gladys' evening dress, he sees James Vane's face in the window in the conservatory and faints. 17 Nov. 20 Nov. Dorian is afraid to leave his house. Dorian visits the Duchess and joins Sir Geoffrey Clouster (her brother) in shooting hares. James Vane is accidentally shot. 18 to 19
Nov. One week later... A few weeks later, on an early spring day... Dorian vows to be good and leaves an innocent girl from the country so as to not influence her badly. Dorian realizes that his portrait is evidence against all of his sinful deeds and he attempts to destroy it with the same knife that he had stabbed Basil.

In the end we find out that Dorian, withered, wrinkled and loathsome, has been stabbed to death. His portrait is intact and shows Dorian as he was when he was 20. Dorian realizes that his attempts to be good are out of vanity rather than the good of others and only for the purpose of searching for new sensations. By Jonathan Chan, Period 5

Music: Waldszenen (Forest Scenes), Op. 82* by Robert Schumann - This is the piece that Dorian wanted to borrow from Basil in Chapter II. *Turn your speakers on for the full experience! *http://pianosociety.com/cms/index.php?section=1049
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