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Book Report

No description

Abby Schmelz

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Book Report

Perfect Match Intro The book begins by showing a typical morning for the Frost family.
Caleb left for work.
Nina got her son ready for preschool.
She dropped her son off at school and then went to the court house to prosecute a case. Characters Plot Resolution Plot Theme Genre Mystery Setting small town in Maine The Frosts Nina- She is a prosecutor that tries child sexual abuse cases. She is married to Caleb and is Nathaniel's mom. Nina also kills the priest that is accused of raping her son. Caleb- He is a stone layer, Nina's wife, and Nathaniel's dad. Nathaniel- He is in preschool, and is sexually abused. Quentin Brown- He is the prosecutor that is assigned to Nina's murder trial. Fisher Carrington- He is a Nina's defense attorney in her trial. However, he is usually the defense attorney of the people that Nina tries to prosecute. Others Patrick- He has been Nina's best friend since childhood. He also is the cop that was assigned to Nathaniel's rape case. Priests Father Glen Szyszynski- He is the priest at the church the Frosts attend. He is arrested and accused of raping Nathaniel. He is murdered by Nina. Father Gwynne- He is Father Szyszynki's step brother, and is the person who raped Nathaniel. After picking her son up from preschool, Nina discovered that he would not talk. Following the doctor's suggestion, they took Nathaniel to see a psychiatrist, who started teaching him sign language at his daily appointments. After Nathaniel signed father when asked who hurt him, Nina accused Caleb of abusing his son. Then, following Patrick's further investigation and time spent talking to a silent Nathaniel, Nathaniel spoke his first words, Father Glen, identifying the person who hurt him. This led to Father Glen's arrest. During father Glen's trial, a distraught Nina, walked over to the priest and shot him four times, killing him. This led to her arrest, and Nathaniel regressing to silence Knowing she needed a good defense attorney, Nina hired Fisher Carrington Fisher got her placed on house arrest, which was what Nathaniel needed to start speaking again. When Nina had one of her friends at the crime laboratory look at the DNA results from Nathaniel's boxers and from Father Glen, she discovered that they were not a match. This information led Nina and Patrick to further investigate her son's assault case and to learn that Father Gywnn, Father Glen's step-brother, was the real assailant. The fact that his wife killed an innocent man was too much for Caleb to handle, causing him take Nathaniel and leave Nina. Though it was a difficult trial, Fisher Carrington tried his best to convince the jury that Nina was insane at the time of the murder. However, after days of deliberation, the jury could still not come to a decision. This led to Nina and Fisher's decision to let the judge decide her fate. The judge decided Nina was not insane at the time of the murders. However, he decided that she had fear and extreme anger at the time, which under Maine law determines her not guilty. Caleb and Nathaniel moved back in with Nina.
After a few days, Caleb told Nina that, while he was gone, he had poisoned Father Gwynn, killing him.
As a result, the couple did not have to worry about their son or anyone else's child getting hurt by the priest again. Recommendation I recommend this book to people who like
books with interesting twists
books that keep the reader wondering until the last page
page turners
mysteries There is always more than one way to look at a situation.
From one perspective, Nina and Caleb committed heinous crimes.
However, from the view of loving parents, they acted to protect Nathaniel and other children. Collage Caleb and her immediately took Nathaniel to see a doctor, who suggested that they see a psychiatrist.
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