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Poverty: Starvation in Africa

No description

Pankti Patel

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Poverty: Starvation in Africa

Poverty: Starvation in Africa
By: Kiranjyot Singh and Pankti Patel
Introduction (Why we chose it?)
What We Learned?
Causes and Results
Drawbacks (Why it's bad?)
Method #2 (Video)
Resources Used
Thank You,
Part A
Part B
Starvation is one of the main causes of death
Many people in the world waste tonnes of food annually (including us)
Many diseases and infections are developing due to starvation
There is an increasing rates in starvation in Africa
There are millions of people who lack daily essentials to survival for example, food, and water, shelter, heating the cold and basic clothes
On the news, they show people on the streets in harsh weather which inspires us to choose this topic
Also, commercials on TV and on YouTube about the lack of water and food in Africa make us feel bad about them
Rachael Ray
American television personality, businesswoman, celebrity chef and author
Launched an organization called 2006
called Yum-0!
It is a non-profit organization
Empowers people in feeding them and helping them with funds for food

Hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined
98% of the world's hunger is located in developing countries
227 million people are hungry in Africa
To inform others about the starvation in Africa, we decided to make a PowToon video
Method #1
well-known and popular way to share this information many people use social media and the internet so using a commercial is very effective

people rarely watch the news or read the newspaper so people cannot be aware of this other than the internet

sharing this commercial like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on other websites can inform people
Effects on Development and Economy
Poverty Trap
• Families cannot afford nutritious food which makes them weaker and unable to earn money

•In developing countries, farmer cannot afford seed therefore crops cannot be planted which then results into lack of nutritious food for the families in Africa
Lack of Investment in Agriculture
developing countries lack in farming equipment and storage facilities
drought/water shortages in Africa (from global warming) make it harder to farm & drink water
Climate and Weather
Natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, storms can increase the drought in developing countries
Climate change in many countries can affect the soil and farmland making it difficult to plant crops in Africa
War and Displacement
Conflicts in countries can affect the food production in their home country
In war, food is also used as a weapon
countries with conflict have a %20 high rate of poverty/starvation ; affect of violence
-> countries like this (affected by war) are twice as
likely to be undernourished

Unstable Markets
The food price have been fluctuating
This makes it difficult for poor people to afford nutritious food
Food Wastage
One third of the food produced is wasted
Producing this food uses 3.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into atmosphere
This result into harsh climate which affects the food production.
Slows down immune system (harder to fight diseases, infections, infections)
Some of the diseases are; diarrhea, malaria, and measles
Stops growth
Slows down thinking
Reduces energy
Contributes to mental illnesses
Harder to focus on work which causes less income at work
Explanation of Form of Action
Free Rice

website where you play educational games

every question you get right, a certain amount of grains of rice is given to people in Africa

there are different levels depending on your grade and different subjects to answer questions in (eg. Math, French, English)

this way you are entertained, learn something new and donate and help people in need
Live on $1.25 per day (below poverty line)
Some people cannot afford to work due to hunger
population = always/mostly hungry
since no availability of food minds are more focused on filling family
being hungry distracts from focus on job
-> unable to get enough income to feed self
average amount of kids per family = 5.2 (5) ; makes harder to feed family
-> with $1.25 = NOT enough per day
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Regards from, Pankti and Kiranjyot
There are 6 major causes of starvation in Africa
Explanation of 2nd Form of Action
this video uses pictures to trigger emotion
this is because the picture used in the video were very surprising
-> not used to seeing these daily
convinces people to donate food for the people in need
conveys message about how people in Africa struggle on a day to day basis to find food
indirectly states ways to get involved and help them
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