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Thomas Jefferson in the American revolution

No description

Min Jung Kim

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Jefferson in the American revolution

homas Jefferson in the American revolution

This image is of the leaders of the revolution, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson drafting the declaration of Independence.
Native Colony
He was born in Virginia and his family were already well established there
at first he worked at his father's plantation farm and inherited the family house and property "Monticello" from his father.
wrote the statute of Virginia for religious freedom
was the founder of the University of Virginia as well as a public officer.
he was also very influential in Virginia's politics as he served in local government as a magistrate, county lieutenant, and member of the House of Burgesses.
During the Revolutionary War, Jefferson also served two years as governor of Virginia
He was then given the position of secretary of state by his friend George Washington.
He became the 3rd president of the United states in 1800, the second from the state of Virginia.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson
His parents Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph were both from very influencial families and influenced much of his personal beliefs and thoughts.
His father was a strong believer in "renaissance men" and encouraged his children to pursue different things such the arts, music, foreign languages, and literature.
When he enrolled at the College of William and Mary, he pursued law under professor George Wythe
It is said that he credited his determination to excel in school to his math professor William small who exposed him to the latest enlightenment thinking.
He attended the House of Burgesses as a student in 1765 when he witnessed Patrick Henry's defiant stand against the Stamp Act which inspired him to stand for american rights and lead him pursue a political career.
By: Min Jung Kim
"The monster of Montecello"
- The Federalists were strongly opposed to Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson.
- They state that he wrote the Declaration of Independence, announcing that all men are “created equal,” when he owned over 175 slaves only 7 of which he freed. They use this to prove that he speaks for and appears as a supporter of equality and liberty, when in truth he is not a "man of justice" himself.
- They also stated that Jefferson was a undeserving and unprepared candidate for president as he had no political background or history

"A influential leader and maker of a great nation"
Different Views on Jefferson
He was a influential part of the American Revolution as a political representative, a writer of the Declaration of Independance

The perspective and light shining down on them of the picture points out the importance and greatness of these people
The paper scattered on the floor demonstrates how diligently they had worked on this influential document and the hard work and effort put into it
Their determined facial expressions show their persistence and dedication to the document
Their dignified posture and Jefferson 's tall stance show that the artist saw them as important, influential people
The color purple worn by Thomas Jefferson represents his wealth and high position as it was traditionally worn only by royalty and upper class noblemen
what (in your opinion ) is the importance of Thomas Jefferson during the American Revolution?
What things did you find were unique about Thomas Jefferson?
Do you agree that Thomas Jefferson was a villain or a influential leader?

In the eyes of most Americans, he was a great and influential leader during the American Revolution as a political representative and as the main writer of the Declaration of Independence. He allowed America to prosper against controlling British Empire and lead them towards a time of development and freedom. To the patriotic americans he is seen as a powerful leader who was a important part in the freedom from England.

he was a strong, influential leader during the American Revolution
As a Politician, he enforced new laws which helped lead to better treatment of slaves. He was the single most powerful individual leading the struggle to enhance the rights of ordinary people in the early republic
Your thoughts/interpretations of this quote?
what does this show about Thomas Jefferson?
Diary Entry
To my dear daughters Martha Jefferson:
Everyday I am apologetic to you for I can only imagine how difficult and lonely it must be for you to be staying with another family without your siblings or parents even though I am sure Mrs. Hopkins has been very good to you. Nevertheless my duties as a member of the continental congress requires me to be away from our lifelong home Monticello. My duties here seem to lengthen by the day and I grow more tired and weary. The tension between the British empire and our colonies seems to be growing everyday, and full blown war seems likely to happen in the near future. As a delegate to the second continental congress I am force to participate in this political frenzy midst all my worries and problems. However, I have now gained recognition as a persuasive writer and have been chosen as one of the members to write the Declaration of independence which will demonstrate the importance of our freedom and call for action. I am hopeful that this document will allow our home Virginia and I do this for you my daughter in hope that you may grow up in a a proud, patriotic country independent from the rule of the tyrannical British Empire. When it is successful and we become a free country, I promise you my daughter that we will meet again.

Any Questions?
Jefferson was a great democratic icon because he changed Americans' understanding of the people's power and rights.
He played a large role in the beginnings of American politics and government as a governor, member of the house of Burgesses, ambassador and president.
Thomas Jefferson
Any thoughts/biases/symbols in this photo?
* note: it is proved that Jefferson
forced to leave his daughter Martha with Mrs. Hopkins after his wife died and he was required leave his home due to administer his political duties. However, he regularly wrote letters to her in order to keep his eldest daughter updated on his work during the revolution.
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