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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Grade 10 English Unit 2 Poetry Assignment

Christine Mathieu

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson Beauty without
expression is
BORING - Ralph Waldo Emerson Along the Dusty Trail Discussion: "Sharing is Caring" FICTION reveals
truth that REALITY
obscures 1803 Ralph Waldo Emerson is born on May 25 in Boston, Massachusetts 1807 1811 1812 - 1817 1825 1826 1827 1828 1831 1834 1835 1836 1839 1841 1842 1844 1853 1859 1868 1882 Mother, Ruth Haskings Emerson, dies at 85 on November 16 Preaches his first sermon in Samuel Ripley's pulpit Daughter Edith is born on November 22 Brother, John Clarke dies on April 26 Father, William Emerson, dies on May 12 Attends Boston Latin School Admitted to Harvard Divinity School Sails to South Carolina and St. Augustine, Florida seeking better health - Ralph Waldo Emerson No CHANGE of circumstances can repair a DEFECT
of character - Ralph Waldo Emerson Once YOU make a decision, the
UNIVERSE conspires
to make it happen - Ralph Waldo Emerson Most of the SHADOWS
of this life are
caused by our
standing in our own
SUNSHINE - Ralph Waldo Emerson His brother William dies on September 13 His brother Charles
dies on May 9 His son Waldo is bron on October 30 Emerson marries Lydia (Lydian) Jackson Emerson dies in Concord on April 27 at age 78 He is buried in Sleepy Hollow His brother Bulkeley
dies on May 27 Emerson's son Edward is born on July 10 His wife Ellen dies of tuberculosis His son Waldo dies on January 27 His brother Edward dies
unexpectedly at age 29 Emerson gets engaged to Ellen Tucker, age 17 Emerson's daughter Ellen was born on February 24 Who was Ralph Waldo Emerson? Poet? Essayist? Lecturer? Philosopher? Maybe But should a person be constrained
by a predetermined title? Emerson didn't think so This belief started the
transcendentalist movement Transcendentalism: An American philosophical movement which emphasized the importance of the individual and was a break from formalized religions What is it Now it's your turn Paper. Pencil. Write. Describe a belief that you have in a single statement Part 1 For example: EVERYTHING happens for a REASON Part 2 Get a group of five. combine your statments. Group. Share. Combine. make a stanza! ***Note***
You may change the
wording slightly to make it flow Merops Part 3 Make. Collect. Giveaway. Take your Stanzas and make a poem It will be posted on the wiki This is your giveaway REMEMBER PART 1? What or who do think is Merops? In the Iliad he was a prophet who foresaw and unsuccessfully tried to prevent the death of his sons in the Trojan War What care I, so stand the same, -
Things of the heavenly mind, - THEY How long the power to give fame
yet behind? them Tarries Thus far to-day your reach,
O fair, appeasing ! favors Presences What favor is he speaking of? What does this expression mean? Who are "they"? Ye taught my lips a single ,
And a thousand . speech silences Where's Wald Who are the Presences? What speechwas he taught? What are the silences? Space grants beyond his road
No inch to the , god of day fated Who is the god of day? He told them not to take part in the war, but they gave him no heed for fate lured them to destruction. And language sill bestowed
One , no more, to say. copious word What does copious mean? What could the word be? What care I, so stand the same, -
Things of the heavenly mind, -
How long the power to give fame
, yet behind?

Thus far to-day your reach,
O fair, appeasing !
Ye taught my lips a single ,
And a thousand .

Space grants beyond his road
No inch to the ,
And language still bestowed
One , no more, to say. they them Tarries favors Presences speech silences fated god of day copious word
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