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Holocaust Unit

This is a Prezi about the Holocaust and it's affect on modern day society.

Sean Headley

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Holocaust Unit

The Holocaust Can persucution against humans be prevented? How? I would say yes. I say this because the nations of the world could write laws in every country declaring that every human on the face of the earth is important and should be accepted. There are thousands of examples of human persecution in the history of our world. One of the most prominent being the Holocaust of course. The Holocaust was one of the worst persucutions of humans. The Nazi Party of Germany wanted to anniliate the "inferior" races. They wanted to create a race of super humans that have blonde hair and blue eyes. They believed that this type of person was perfect and that all other humans were imperfect. In their "master plan", there was no room for any imperfections, which they viewed as physically and metally handicapped people. How do injustices affect people's lives, both those involved on the inside and outside? In other words, they wanted to annihilate all those who would not be useful in their plans to build a "perfect society". Injustice is everywhere. It is unfairness. Life isn't fair. The Holocaust and the slave trades are just a few of the thousands of injustice in the world. All we can do is deal with injustice. That's what many people say. But that's not true. If everyone just dealt with injustice, all the Jews would have been annihilated and African Americans would still be slaves to white people. Most people believe that man's key instinct is to survive. I agree with that, but I also believe that man will always want to help another. I believe that everyone is born with a heart. Not a physical heart, I know everyone is born with that, but I mean a spirtual heart. From which all emotions come from. Even the negative emotions, such as fear, sadness, and anger. I believe that no matter what happens, someone will always stick up for what is right. Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfullness Gentleness Self-Control Thank you for watching my presentation. The Civil War and Slavery There was a period during America's history in which almost every person owned a slave. They treated African Americans as if they were property, not people. This was extremely unjust and was the cause of the Civil War where the United States of America fought against the Confederate States of America. The Civil War lasted from 1861-1865. In those years and the years before and after, life was extremely diffucult for African Americans. The North wanted to help the African Americans to gain their freedom, but the South wanted to keep the African Americans enslaved. Not for almost another 100 years would African Americans actually have completely equal rights. For almost the entire 20th century, African Americans were completely segregated from white people. This applied to all African Americans no matter their age, health, or status in the community. In fact, some African Americans are still verbally attacked by racists who want them to remain as slaves. In fact, it's not just African Americans anymore. People have started to act violently and unfairly against Middle Eastern People, French People, Mexican and Hispanic People. Different Nationalities I feel sorry for all of the people that are affected by racism and those people's nearsighted views, beliefs, and opinions. In Civil War times, people tried to justify the act of slavery by saying that it was written in the Bible. This, of course, was not true. But because most African Americans were illiterate, they could neither confirm or deny the statement that it was written in the Bible. One example of this is when the French Parliament banned burqas. Burqas are a Middle Eastern form of clothing that women wear in order to cover their entire body. It is so that the woman's husband may have all of her beauty to himself. They were banned as a result of stereotyping. Middle Eastern citizens are normally associated with the stereotype that they are all terroists. The French government thought that it would be a security risk to allow women to conceal their entire body, including their face. Personally, I believe that the women should be allowed to wear the Burqas. They are an important part of their religion, and the fact that they were taken away is an undeniable fact that their freedom of religion rights have been infringed upon. I have shown different ideas and views on the unjustness and unfairness of many aspects of our world. But one fact remains. That no matter what injustices are presented to human society, the truth will shine bright and allow unjustness to be elimanated.
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