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SAC 1 Preparation (5th lesson) - Unpacking a high-level samp

No description

Liam Brooks

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of SAC 1 Preparation (5th lesson) - Unpacking a high-level samp

To understand the key features of a sample text response.

Students will be able to articulate what makes a good text response and apply these features to their own work.
Entry activity: Identifying TEEL in a sample body pargraph
1. We'll read the sample body paragraph together.

2. Then working in pairs, identify TEEL:
opic sentence
laboration on idea/s of topic sentence
vidence and explanation of evidence
ink back to idea/s of body paragraph and essay question

3. We'll have 10 minutes.

4. Discussion to follow.
Next steps...
1. Focus on reinforcing knoweldge of the text and quotes.

2. You can do this by going through study gudies and trying to memorise quotes.
Activity: Unpacking a sample text response
1. Read the text and pay close attention to the annotations.

2. Answer the questions in a thorough manner.

3. We have 35 minutes.

3. Discussion to follow
SAC 1 Preparation (5th lesson) - Unpacking a high-level sample text response
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