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IB Bio Parent info presentation

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Nikki Zimmerman

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of IB Bio Parent info presentation

IB Biology at Kambala
Nikki Zimmerman

Nature of the Subject
Detailed Course Structure
Why IB? Why Biology?
The Nature of Biology
The study of life – the diversity of and relationships between living things at an ecological to the cellular level
Students enhance the practical skills and techniques they have developed in 7-10
Standard and Higher Levels
The course is available at both standard level (SL) and higher level (HL).
All students study Core topics at Standard Leveand one option.
HL students undertake further study within both the Core topics and the option, including additional practical study.

Hours of Study
Across years 11 and 12 students cover Core topics and 1 Option.
Approximately 120 hours per year (4 lessons per week).
Within this time, approximately 40 hours (SL) and 60 hours (HL) is allocated for practical work.
There are 6 mandatory practical investigations at the Core level, with 1 additional HL investigation

Core topics
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Evolution and biodiversity
Human Physiology
Nucleic Acids
Metabolism, Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis
Plant Biology
Genetics and Evolution
Animal Physiology

Internal Assessment (20%)
an extended practical investigation of the students choice.

External Assessment
Nov 2018 (80%)
Paper 1 (SL 20%, 45min / HL 20%, 1h)
Multiple choice
Paper 2 (SL 40%, 75 min /HL 36%, 2h 15min)
Short answer and choice of extended response
Paper 3 (SL 20% 1h / HL 24%, 1h 15min)
Based on the Option and mandatory practical work - short answer questions

Why IB?
The IB Biology course is challenging, and requires a high degree of student independence.
Material from 2 years is tested and the pace is quicker than the HSC at times.
The course has an excellent breadth and depth of content and is very rewarding if you put the effort in!
Why Biology?
The skills developed can be applied to a number of careers. E. g. Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Medicine, Nursing, Law, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Sports Science...
Biology is so interesting!
Although there are mathematical elements, they are less than the other experimental sciences.
What type of student is suited
to the course?
Interested and engaged!
Hard working
Enjoyed Biology in Year 10
Enhance interpersonal skills as well as information and communication technology skills
Study the impact of biology on society, the moral and ethical dilemmas, and the social, economic and environmental implications of the work of biologists from a global perspective
Theory work - core (SL) and additional HL, plus 1 option
Practical work - mandatory pracs plus other experiences
Group 4 Project - FUN open ended investigation with other Group 4 students
Internal Assessment (IA)
External Assessment (IB theory exams in Nov of Year 12)
Course Components
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