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Yearbook Editor Positions

No description

Marjerrie Masicat

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Yearbook Editor Positions

reviews all the copy components of the book
takes the initiative to take work home or stay after school
works well under pressure
has good grammar
has a keen eye for mistakes
Yearbook Editor Positions
There are the 3 Editor-in-Chiefs...but there's more!
We didn't mention it at the beginning, but say hello to your...
Student Life Editor - Izzi Dahilig
People Editor - Jessie Aw
Photo Director & Business Editor - Matt Nguyen
So what does that leave you?
Maestro Editors
Copy (2)
Design (2-3)
Photo (2)
Section Editors
Clubs (Organizations)
Sports (2)
Grad Ad
Maestro Editors
the editors of each team!
all these editors must overlook and train their team
oversees that each member is doing their job
must be able to work under a certain time crunch
a big part of this job is leadership but that can be learned and developed through time!
Photo Editors
gives and takes constructive criticism well
must have the ability to lead and train photo staffers
is reliable and responsible
works with photo team and all other teams well
must have prior knowledge of DSLR
must manage time and logistics well
assist your staffers to events
Copy Editors
Clubs Editor
oversees the coverage of 60+ clubs/organizations
must be aware of club events that occur (i.e. Club Rush)
has some sort of relationship with presidents/club advisers
must be organized
delegates people efficiently to cover events
Design Editors
obviously, handles the design of the entire book
critiques and helps lead its members in the right direction
can give helpful suggestions to better a spread
must be flexible enough to stay after school and work
must be a fast learner
must be knowledgeable with design lingo/vocab (which will be learned through time)
Academics Editor
handles all academic elements of the school
must be organized
has to communicate with teachers and administrators
must be aware of school-wide, academic related activities (College Fair, AHA, etc.)
must be aware of activities in class rooms
requires creativity
Sports Editor
oversees the sports section (which is a pretty big section)
willing to speak often with coaches and other admin for info about events
MUST be aware of ALL sporting events on and off campus
can communicate well
can organize who is covering each event
Grad Ad Editor
designs ALL grad ads and memorials
comfortable with continuously contacting parents about grad ads
stay in contact with the purchaser of a grad ad
must have the time to stay after school
keep all your work on the down low!
Index Editor
must have a keen eye for mistakes
most of the work kicks in the latter half of the year
requires a lot of focus
must stay afterschool often after/near deadlines
Online Editor
in charge of the Tartan Yearbook Facebook page
big thing: update constantly
uploads the correct watermarked images when needed/directed
able to promptly answer people's questions
can break up any type of inappropriate language or behavior
must stay anonymous
How to apply
Letter of Intent -
Part 1 - Indicate the editor position you are applying for. Give us your top 2 choices
state why you want this position
what makes you qualified?
Part 2 - Describe how you handle stress and in detail, your work ethic.
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