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No description

Heaven Grabill

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Homestuck

How does one describe Homestuck?
Well you can't, but this might help.
Still Confused a bit?
Homestuck is insane! Also its hard to follow along if you're not paying attention.
Homestuck is an online comic written 8y Andrew Hussie.
It consists of MANY characters and the story line WILL

jump in time. You meet the 4 main human characters in the story first. Followed by 12 trolls. But know this,
these are ONLY the main characters. There are so many more in this story, but we honestly don't have enough time for it all.
This story is very complex and very entertaining to be apart of. I'm going to explain some of it to you.
John, Rose, Dave, and Jade (The Humans)

The story starts out with the
character John and he gets
this game for his birthday
called Sburb, the
main focus on the story.
Dave he is very into music
and from time to time he DJ's a bit.
(There is a pun in this and you
will only be able to understand
if you read the story.)
Jade lives in an atomic
tower. She has a dog
that is capable of
Rose is very into wizards.
She knows how to knit objects. Also her knitting
needles are her weapon
which she fuses with a book
to basically turn them into
wands. (Pretty complicated
to grasp at first)
It's Homestuck for you. Honestly, it throws logic out the window.
Low Blood Trolls
The trolls have different blood colors and they correspond to the social class they are in. The Closer the color is to human blood, the lower on the class they are.
Aradia is different c0mpaired
t0 all the 0ther tr0lls. Her st0ry
is heartbreaking. In additi0n t0 her
mel0nc0lly attitude. She was killed
by her very 0wn b0yfriend, th0ugh
he was mind c0ntr0lled.
Fair warning with the 12 trolls I will be using an odd typing and different colors. That's because the colors represent their blood colors and each troll has a typing quirk, some are easier to read then others. This is used to help the character distinguish who is *typing* or talking in the story, because they mostly use a site called Pesterchum to communicate to each other from their own home.
View it as Troll texting or Troll Facebook..
Lower Middle Blood
High Middle Bloods
High Bloods
Logic is something Andrew Hussie doesn't take into consideration when he is writing. Homestuck may be weird, and random, but honestly its the greatest fandom :)

If you aren't into story's where a game brings on the end of the world, then maybe you are into the infinite amount of shipping in this story.

For those who don't know, shipping is where you take two characters and put them in an imaginary relationship.

Homestuck takes shipping to a new level though.. That its self would take an hour to explain.
The End
GaMzEe HaS tWo SiDeS tO hIm. OnE sIdE hAs A lOvE fOr FaYgO, aNd VeRy EaSy GoInG wHiLe ThE oThEr Is A mUrDeR *tHoUgH hE cAn'T cOnTrOl HiS oNe SiDe. ThIs WaS hIs DeStInY* It'S hArD tO dEsCrIbE tHe mUrDeRiSt sIdE tO gAmZeE, bUt ThIs ViDeO mIgHt HeLp. aNd He OfTeN SaYs HoNk BeCaUsE hE iS a ClOwN :o)
Eridan is in the highest
cast makin him vvery powwerful. This powwer leads to his massivve ego. He is knowwn as a bit of tool to all of the other trolls.
Feferi is t)(e empress of
)(omestuck. T)(e very top of t)(e caste. S)(e is a very
bubbly troll. S)(e doesn't )(ate anyone in
t)(e world of )(omestuck. Also s)(e loves fis)( Puns
and will ofin say
Glub glub.. 3:D
T3r3z1 1s th3 only troll th4t 1s bl1nd and sh3 c4n s3nc3 th3 world 4round h3r w1th h3r s3nce of sm3ll 4nd by t4st1ng color. *h3r f4vor1t3 color 1s r3d.* Sh3 lov3s dr1gons. >:]
Viriska is a spider loving troll, not just on a pet level but is o8sessed with the number 8 as well, known as a spintress she is a very mischevious troll who is generally misunderstood though not everyone likes her she does have a big following of fans.
D--> Equius is the STRONGEST of the tr011s and he despises all of the 100d 1anguage s0me 0f the 0ther tr0lls e%press he thinks very highly 0f the b100 b100ds. He is very pr0per. He a1s0 happens t0 be mad1y in 10ve with Aradia, even th0ugh he hates the fact that she is a 10w b100d
2ollux ha2 one blue eye and one red. He ii2 the quote nerd troll of home2tuck and the be2t hacker. He ii2 the boyfriiend of aradiia whom he call2 AA and he kiilled her, and even though he was miind controlled iit hurt hiim two know he kiilled her..
:33< Nepeta loves to role play in the story and she will use cat puns whenefur pawsible and she is the only troll to be obsessed with shipping's. She has even dedicated a whole wall to her ships.
Kanaya Is Known As The Vampire Fashion Queen Of Homestuck And Her Weapon Is A Chainsaw Which Also Is A Tube Of Lipstick. Unlike All Of The Other Trolls, She Loves Fashion And She Will Change Her Costumes All The Time.
So Yes, the bad grammar is intentional

All images were from google.
7 Facts
1.) Homestuck has been around for four years
2.) A lot of people like to cosplay the characters
3.) Some people say that the last updateto the comic is coming soon
4.) Fact: Its hard to give facts without spoiling the story
5.) There are a lot of confusing plot twists
6.) You can find the story on Mspaintadventures
7.) There is even a whole mspainadventures wiki that explains alot of the characters and gives backgrounds that you may not be able to grasp as you are reading.
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