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Act IV A Midsummer Night's Dream Vocabulary

No description

Stephanie D

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Act IV A Midsummer Night's Dream Vocabulary

"A Midsummer Night's Dream Act IV Vocabulary amiable fret loath dotage upbraid entwist conjunction Come, sit thee down upon this flowery bed,
While I thy AMIABLE cheeks do coy,
And stick musk roses in thy sleeksmooth head,
And kiss thy fair large ear, my gentle joy. Do not FRET yourself too much in action,
monsieur, and good monsieur, have a
care the honey bag break not. I would be LOATH to have you overflown with a honey bag, signior. Gently entwist, the female ivy so
Enrings the barky fingers of the elm. Her DOTAGE now I do begin to pity. I did upbraid her, and fall out with her. We will, fair Queen, up to the mountains' top.
And mark the musical confusion
Of hounds and echo in conjunction. Definition: friendly and agreeale in disposition; good-natured and likable. Definition: worry Definition: be unwilling or reluctant; disinclined Definition: twist together Definition: a deterioration of mental faculties; senility Definition: to reprove sharply; reproach Definition: a joint or simultaneous occurance; concurance enmity How comes this gentle concord in the world,
That hatred is so far from jealousy,
To sleep by hate, and fear no ENMITY. Definition: deep-seated, often mutual hatred recount Let's follow him,
And by the way, let us RECOUNT our dreams. Definition: to narrate the facts pr partiulars of discourse Masters, I am to DISCOURSE
wonders. Definition: verbal expression
in speech or writing
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