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Copy of advertising

No description

Sharni Ross

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of advertising

Victoria Bitter The Drinking Beer Marketing Objectives •Increasing the market share of Victoria Bitter by 2% within one year

•Eliminate the negative connotations that the target market associates with Victoria Bitter

•An increase in sales and profitability for the company. Action Objectives •Increase the target market purchase frequency within one year. Communication Objectives To remind consumers of the product and brand, and therefore creating brand awareness and a positive attitude towards the brand. Target Audience The primary targets of our campaign are young males, aged between 18 and 25 years old. They may be the working class or white-collar workers, or students. Segment Profile - technologically savvy

- strong awareness to brand

- poor association with Victoria Bitter Consumer Decision Making Process The decision making process of the target audience consumer for beer is a low involvement purchase as it requires limited problem solving, and comparisons to other brands. Positioning Strategy Creative Strategy Media Plan •Reach and appeal to our target market of 18-25 year old males•Reach 250,000 males within our target market•Reach them a minimum of 10 times within the next 12 months The media that will be used in order to best achieve the objectives are television, online advertising, outdoor media and social media Budget The budget of IMC media mix is $6, 526 900

The development and production of the advertising is $500 000 Budget Evaluations Conclusion Billboard Budget has been developed according to current rate cards of 3 media buying companies however, pricing has been averaged as some differences has been noted from agency to agency In order to avoid costly mistakes and to predict the relative strength of alternative advertising strategies and to increase efficiency of the VB campaign evaluation will take place on a regular basis. With increasing competition and the changing consumer preferences, we believe that our campaign has been specifically designed to successfully promote the brand in a positive light, and reduce the negative connotations associated with the product.

This campaign will ultimately re-vamp the company’s image and assist in re gaining the leading market share they have previously held. “To young adult males between the ages of 18 and 25, looking for an alcoholic drink to quench your thirst, Victoria Bitter is the drinking beer that can take the edge off and creates an ambiance where social behaviour thrives - more so than competing brands.” Social Media In an attempt to reposition Victoria Bitter as a brand we have implemented various creative strategies in order to successfully complete this process.

Through social media, online means, liaising with press, billboards and television advertisements we feel that this repositioning goal is achievable. Revamp the current Victoria Bitter Facebook page This ties in with Victoria Bitter’s sponsorship of the Shore Thing Festival over New Years Eve Win tickets to Shore Thing 2012 Redesign the Twitter account and the development of an Instgram account. Television SWOT Online Advertising For Victoria Bitter, we will continue to advertise on websites such as www.nrl.com and cricket.com.au as they still hold their position as our largest sponsorships

Then we will place an advertisement on social media websites such as Facebook’s side panels to highlight our relationship with Shore Thing 2012 Press Release Liaising with press, is a cost effective method of sending a message to your target market Strengths-Brand name & label is highly recognisable-Price-Obtainability-Australian made product-The loyal drinkers Weaknesses
-Product line/ image
-Low brand image Opportunities-International distribution-Product line-Reiterating brand image Television, outdoor media and social media and sponsorship are our main focus Media Objectives Media Strategy Media Mix Rosalie Molloy, Sharni Ross, Darina Sedova and Andy Murray Contingency of 10%
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