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Making Living GRADE guidelines with MAGICapp

A short visual description of how to make guidelines using the MAGICapp. For more information go to www.magicapp.org

Linn Brandt

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Making Living GRADE guidelines with MAGICapp

Obeservational studies
or best available evidence for your PICO questions
Quality Assessment
How confident are you
in your effect estimates?
Process it
What are the expected benefits and harms?
Formulate with clear language
PICO questions
Which issues do I need to look at?
What is important for my patients?
4 factors
What are the overall confidence in these estimates?
What are patients preferences?
Do they vary? Sociatal values to consider?
Are there resource issues to consider? For whom?
Weak or Strong
Most patients would want, but not all
Nearly all patients would want this
Give a rationale
Patient Intervention Comparator Outcomes
Effect estimates
Systematic reviews
Formulate Clinical Questions
Guideline Panels
Get the right people (knowledge, geography, buy-in)
Define topics and scope
GRADE training
Methodologists included or assisting
Patients involved? Health oeconomics?
Steering group and Exceutive comittees
Identify and get resources and skills
Define consensus and ledership processes
Formally request participation / support from stakeholders / professional organizations relevant to clinical topic
Appoint chapter editors and guideline panelists
Organize GRADE training sessions for chapter editors
Record overall intellectual and financial conflicts of interest for all guideline panellists
Organize first guideline conference /meeting
Benefits & harms
Quality of evidence
Values & Preferences
Then, look at the Evidence profiles you've chosen
what are the main issues?
look at the absolute difference
Generally you are not more overall confident than the lowest confidence of an critical outcome
Checklist and milestones
to make
Find effect estimates for your PICO questions
Leadership and 'who's in charge of what'
Add authors and admins
For all outcomes
Quality assess your effect estimates
Prossess all the evidence for your clinical question
Make your recommendation
Make your PICO questions
Constant improvements
New evidence
New recommendations
Living guidelines - continously updated
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