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Bangtan Boys (BTS)

No description

Caroline Cordeiro

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Bangtan Boys (BTS)

Some Background Information
Bangtan Boys (BTS) is a
seven member South
Korean boy group formed
by Big Hit Entertainment.
The acronym stands for
Bangtan Sonyeondan
(Bulletproof Boy Scouts)
in which Bangtan means
"to block out the worlds
bullets" and their fans are
called A.R.M.Y's (which
stands for Adorable Representative M.C for
BTS debuted on June 12
2013 with the song
No More

and won multiple awards for the
Best Rookie

Group of the Year
, as well as having their own short variety show for 8 episodes.

Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster)
Birth Name:Kim Nam Joon
Stage Name: Rap Monster
Birthday: September 12 1994 (age 19)
Trained for: 3 years:
Role: Leader & Rapper

Fun Fact:
He studied in New Zealand
and taught himself English.

Min Yoon Gi (Suga)
Birth Name: Min Yoon Gi
Stage Name: Suga
Birthday: March 9 1993 (age 20)
Trained for: 3 years
Role: Rapper

Fun Fact:
His nickname is Motionless
Min because of the days
he doesn't do anything.
Bangtan Boys
Jeon Jungkook
Birth Name: Jeon Jungkook
No Stage Name
Birthday: September 1st
1997 (age 17).
Trained for: 3 years
Role: Youngest member, Rapper, Singer and Dancer.

Fun Fact:
- Said to be a very skilled cook.
Park Jimin
Birth Name: ParkJimin No Stage Name
Birthday: October 13 1995 (age 19)
Trained for: 1 year
Role: Singer and Dancer

Fun Facts:
- He views himself
as "fat" and is self-
conscious of his
Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)
Birth Name:Jung Hoseok
Stage Name: J-Hope
Birthday: February 18 1994 (age 20)
Trained for: 2 years
Role: Rapper and Dancer

Fun Fact:
He chose the name
J-Hope because he
wants to be the source
of Hope to his fans.

Kim Taehyung (V)
Birth Name:Kim Taehyung
Stage Name: V
Birthday: December 30 1995 (age 19)
Trained for: 3 years
Roles: Singer

Fun Facts:
- Members say he is a
horrible cook.
- They call him Blank
TaeTae because of his
blank expression.

Kim Seokjin
Birth Name: Kim Seok
No stage name, but goes by Jin
Birthday: December 4 1992 (age 21)
Trained for: 3 years
Roles: Singer and Visual, also the oldest member.

Fun Facts:
- He blinks his left eye
when he's hungry.
- His nickname is Pink
Princess because he
likes Disney Princesses
and his favourite colour is
On June 12 2013, BTS debuted
with their single album
They promoted the songs
No More Dream
We are Bulletproof
on various music
shows. On September 11 2013, they made
their comeback with a mini-album called
with their title song
Then on February 11 2014, BTS released
their second mini-album titled "
Skool Luv

with their title track called
Boy in Luv
and finally on May 25, 2014, BTS made a Japenese Version of
No More Dream.

Music Analysis
Boy in Luv
No More Dream Era
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