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Blueprint For Success

No description

cade knight

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Blueprint For Success

Cade Knight
Hello my name is Cade Knight, I am 15 years old and i live in Nipomo California. I was born in Orange County California on July 23, 1998. I have 1 litte brother that is almost three years old his name is Dane. I have a sister named Maci that is 18 years old. I play football and have been playing for six years.
Devon Case

My name is Devon Case I was born on July 22 1998 in San luis Obispo.I play football at Nipomo High School. I have 1 step brother named Bryce and 1 full blood sister named Breanna and another step sister named Isabella. I don’t have a Mom because she left but I do have a step mom that I live with and my dad. This is my 5th year playing football, I like the sport.

Sophie Rubio
My name is Sophie Rubio, I am 15 years old and I live in Arroyo Grande, California. I was born in San Luis Obispo on January 11, 1998. My mom’s name is Tammy and my dad’s name is Mark. I have one brother and two sisters, I am the youngest. My oldest sister is eighteen years older than me, and has two kids. I play soccer, I have been playing since I was five. I have ran in track, but I do not really like track. My dad owns his own business, renting out vacation homes in Mexico. I lived in Mexico for three years, on and off. Living in Mexico was really fun, we lived right on the beach and I learned how to surf. However, things in Mexico are different and I have not been there in six years.

Blueprint for Success
My most interests is probably something to do with computers. I really want to get in to some type of computer job. I want to also own my own businesses. I want to get into some type of clubs or create some type of club for our high school.
Skills and Strengths
My first strength probably is collaboration and also working together to get things done. I want to improve my turning in things skills and make sure i can improve them so i can turn things in on time and not make my team mad. I know how to use a computer and know where every thing is on a computer. I think im pretty good on a computer and also have helped people with computer skills and showed them skills on the computer. For Example my moms friend had a old computer that didnt really wanna work anymore and was just horrible so i showed her a catalog of apple and showed her a MacBook Air and she loved it. I went with her to the store and we picked out a Mac for her. I can help people with their computer issues.
Interest & Experiences
I play football at Nipomo High School, I love the sport. I have been playing for 5 years now and I truly do like it. I’m not in any other clubs or groups inside or outside of school.
Goals and Interests
Go to college and graduate
Live in a different state
Travel a lot
Work on a cruise ship or be a flight attendant for a year after college
Skills and Strengths
How I manage my time and stress
I manage my stress by working out and getting back rubs. I manage my time by organizing my day based on my schedule and make sure I have time for my school and extra curricular.
Ilijah Quintanilla
I’m a Sophomore at CCNTH. We’re not a normal High School, we like to use laptops and the internet to do work and we have project groups for each class. We use a system called Project Based Learning (PBL) to teach us in our classes.

I went to a private school before I came here. I thought it was different that I now go to a public school. I learned a lot from other people here. Academically and street wise. I would say that this school has changed me a lot.

Work Ethic
Experiences and Interest and Goals
Mikaela Telep
I have good experiences with technology and projects. My interest consist of being an engineer, a welder, or either joining the Air Force or the Navy.

My goals are to have good grades and to pass high school and move on to college. And my second goal is to get in shape by next year. I may want to go to a good college and major in welding

The people I know and love and the environment I was raised in, all play an important role in shaping who I am and who I’ve become over the years.
Hope to carry this passion for science with me into my career
Plan on attending UC Irvine and majoring in epidemiology
Accomplish 10 years of college and obtain a master’s degree
Procrastination and organization.
Starting my work the day it is assigned.
Use calendars and sticky notes
Finish high school with good grades.
I want to graduate from high school and go to a college some where out of state.
I wanna live here wen im older.

My color:
My color is blue because you have to have a big heart to go through life.
I am 15 years old and I was born in San Luis Obispo. After I was born I moved to the valley. I moved back here in 8th grade because most of my family is here and because my Dad is getting married.
What is PBL?
PLB stands for Project based learning. I think project based learning is here used at New Tech because it is hands on.
My Interests
In 7th grade, my love for science began
Liked concept of life
Love finding solutions or explanations to unsolved mysteries

My color:
My color is blue because i care about people.
My Personality Color
My personality color is blue. I am a kinsetic learner as well as a visual learner.
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