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Michael Danza

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Welcome

Sociology 4

Sociological Analysis
Critical Thinking

Which of the following words do not belong
with the other three?

a) knee
b) eye
c) mind
d) rock

The mind is a theoretical construct while everything else is a physical object; the mind does not belong.

The rock is the only object not related to a living organism; the rock does not belong.

Eye is the only word spelled with three letters; eye does not belong.

Knee is the only word with a silent letter; knee does not belong with the others.
What cognitive abilities and attitudes characterize critical thinkers?
What is critical thinking?
What is sociology?
How do sociologists analyze the social world?
What is culture?

What is social structure?

How are they related?
Cultural Hegemony: A Marxist Concept

Community structures are UNEQUAL.
Haves and Have-nots

The people with the power in a community create and impose a culture that maintains their power.
Example: Successful people worked hard to achieve their goals. Unsuccessful people are lazy therefore they do not achieve their goals.

Cuo bono?
Who benefits from this cultural belief?
Evolution/Adaptation: A Structural-Functional Concept

Societies need to avoid chaos.

Societies seek stability.

Culture and structure work together for the good of the whole to give us ORDER.

How do people in social contexts create meaning?

How do SOCIAL STRUCTURE and CULTURE shape how people create meaning?
Meaningful Object
Meaningful Object
What is a subject?
What is an object?
What is the difference?

Why do sociologists study cultural objects?
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