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Neville Bonner

No description

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Neville Bonner

Neville Bonner
Neville Bonner was the first aboriginal person to sit in the parliament as a senator for queens land from 1971 - 1983.
as a politician he worked to improve conditions for aborigines and became a voice for his people
For the first time in history of this country there was an aboriginal voice in the parliament and that gave me an enormous feeling of responsibility. he made them aware of indigenous people i think that was an achievement.
For twelve years Neville Bonner represented his people and helped to change the face of aboriginals rights in Australia.
child hood
Life was tough. When Neville Bonner was only seven he had to help his Stepfather and Grandfather to earn money by clearing the bush.
When Neville's mum died he and his brother Jimmy lived with their Grandparents.
he was never allowed to go to school but his grandmother talked to the teacher to allowing Neville to go and i went there from the age fourteen to fifteen.
Neville loved school but when his grand mother died he was heart broken, and packed and went off to find work.
other info
Neville Bonner remarried in 1972.
Heather Ryan had worked beside him for many years.
Neville Bonner continued to speak out on issues on black and white Australian's.
those are the kinds of things we had to cope with when i was born and when i was a small boy right up into my teenage years and into my man hood
Neville Bonner was born in 1922 his mother was a aborigine, but he never knew his father. Who was a English man who went back to England before Neville was born.
aboriginal people had to be out of the towns before sunset. and they couldn't get back into town again untill sunrise the next day.
palm island
While working in north-west queens land he got married in 1943 and lived on palm island.
along with his wife and five sons Neville lived on the island for sixteen years.
during that time he took an interest in changing the way that people lived.
When he left palm island he joined opal - one people people of Australia league which helped aboriginals with welfare housing and education.
A major break through came in 1967 a vote changed the way aborigines were treated.
Well it was when the indigenous people were first given the vote and we were allowed to be counted in the census.
Neville decided to enter politics,so he joined the liberal party.
In August 1971 Neville Bonner was in as Australia's first aboriginal senator. For the first time in history of this country

Neville Bonner announced he was dying of lung cancer but he stopped his work.
Neville Bonner died of lung cancer at Ipswich old in feb 1999. He was 76 years old.
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