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How Your Business Needs to Look at Social Media TODAY

The 5 W's (Who, What, Why, When and Where) of Why Social Media is Important to your Business and How to Properly Engage

Lea Synefakis-Pica

on 26 October 2010

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Transcript of How Your Business Needs to Look at Social Media TODAY

WHO... is using social media? WHEN... should we get started? do we begin? The time is To learn more... eConsultancy
Common Craft
Marketing Leadership Council Image Credits:
Spoon Graphics Built using Plan! 1. Listen

2. Facilitate

3. Join OK so...WHY does my business care?
Help your stakeholders. educate WHAT... is social media? "the use of technology
combined with social interaction
to create or co-create " VALUE EXPENSIVE WHERE... The 5 W's of SOCAL MEDIA
The of
Why YOUR Business
Needs to Engage with 5 W's SOCIAL
MEDIA Make a no control Helpful Hints.. SCARY SCARY ROI? fad CRITICISM 2%




of the US!! two thirds conversation! brand extension! crowdsourcing! economical!! RELEVANCE! Source: Duct Tape Marketing Source: Socialnomics, YouTube 2010. Facebook 70 number of
...in millions?

% of FaceBook accounts...

% of bloggers talking about brands?
(maybe ??) Twitter accounts outside the US? yours Source: eConsultancy, Jan 2010. educate. Continue to no privacy RELATIONSHIP Have patience. Don't let your content stagnate.
your homework. NOW Percent of active daily

Accounts... YOUR customer. News articles 300 188,000 Twitter followers 20,000 Blog posts Twitter: @SyrinxZen "if someone is terrorizing your neighborhood, sometimes it's alright to grab a stick and take a swing. Social media, and in this particular case Twitter, has given average people like me the ability to use and invent all sorts of brand new sticks."

- Leroy Stick 4. Create

5. Implement

6. Promote

7. Measure Source: San Francisco Chronicle, June 2010. A Study in Timing: the BP Debacle
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