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Unpacking ELA

No description

Kristin Richards

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Unpacking ELA

What do we know about each of these words...?

How do these words change when we combine them...?
- English
- Language
- Arts

Let's create a group understanding of what this means... A definition.
Monday - ELA Defined
Wednesday - ELA Terms
- Fluency
- Comprehension
- Paragraph
- Text vs. Passage
- "Expression" vs. "Writing"
- Vocabulary and "Frayer" Mindset
- Assessment
- Rubric
- Objective / Subjective
Thursday - Types of text
- Text vs. Passage (look at examples)
- Literature
- Informative text
- Reading-based tasks (expectations)
Tuesday - So What?!
- How do we use ELA?

* Why do we study language
* What is "English" ?
* Dialects / Cultural issues

Guided Conversation

Talk with your partner...
What you need to know and why...
Unpacking ELA
Friday - Assessment
- Introduce Assessment Rotation (each week)

1) Written (subjective / objective)
2)Oral (subjective / objective)
3)Artistic (subjective)
4)Artistic (objective)
7)Independent Project
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