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Copy of Me PowerPoint

No description

Ameliaa Washington

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Me PowerPoint

All About Me Me
Then And Now My Favorite Boy Band Mindless Behavior Omg Girlz
G.uidded My Favorite Girl Band My Favorite Artists ~Nicki Minaj
~Lil Wayne
~Big Sean
~Driicky Granham
~Mindless Behavior
~OMG Girlz
~2 Chainz
~Meek Mill My Favorite Things MY Favorite Girl Band The O.M.G Girlz
G.uided ABOUT ME I love music. My Favorite radio Station is V 100.7. I have a dog named Freddy. I have a little brother name Daryl., and my Mom an Dads name is Nakeysha and Daryl. Over all I'm MINDLESS FOREVER!!!!!!!!! You Have Just Learned How Awesome I am!!!!!!!!!! :) The End Freddy Big Sean Nicki Minaj Drake Future Driicky Granham #Pound the Alarm Whoa there boii #Birds Take Baths and they Come Out Clean #Snapbacks and Tattoos #Drinking Every night because we drink to my acomplishments Mindless Behavior MY Favorite Boy Band My Friends Nadia Dismuke AKA- Pele Salines (Her profile pic on goggle +) Nyah Smith Mindless Behavior 2 Chainz T.R.U Lil' Wayne O.M.G Girlz #Gucci This Gucci That Prodigy Ray Ray Princeton Roc Royal Roc, Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray Star, Babydoll, Beauty #Swagg #Buddy #Unique My Family By: Amelia Washington
#Mindless Melia My Little Cousin Kamia My Little Cousin Kami And her little sister Me And My Great Grandma #Mindless #Offically Miss Guided #Fluffy #Mindless #Overally Cute KEY TO SUCCESS
(LOL) My cousin Jessica, Kamani, And Me!!!!! Gotta Put That Patch Over My 3rd Eye Slick Rick My Birthady Is December 5 I'm A Sagittarius. My Symbol Is the Archer, and my stone is Turquoise
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