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GMP Audit Training


Brandy Wasvick

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of GMP Audit Training

Allergen Storage
Floor Condition
Condensation Build Up Main GMPs to look out for:
on Personnel,
Facility Conditions and
Regulatory Requirements: GMP Audit Training Feb, 2011 What does GMP stand for? ood anufacturing ractices Hair Nets (no ties)
No Jewelry **
Hand Washing No Holes in Ceilings
No Food in Lockers Consider Food Security Consider Product Quality Consider Food Safety Proper Allergen Storage
Proper Allergen Labeling Proper Organic, Non-Kosher and Refrigeration Storage
Proper Labeling Cooler and Freezer Conditions Calibration Verification Chemicals Locked Up
And Training verification Proper use of Uniforms/Smocks

No Eating/Chewing/Smoking in production areas

Proper use of Foot Baths and Shoes

No Personal Items in production areas Check Open Product Zones

look for Food Residues on Surfaces

look for any Dripping/Condensation Pipes No Open containers
Nothing Unlabeled Things OFF the floor
Security Doors Closed and Locked
Others G M P 18" Perimeter on outside walls
Pools of Water What Else Can you think of ? Who should perform these audits? At least one trained person should accompany the audit

Different departments will notice different things so
get another department involved whenever possible

Quality Control should be the communicator of report findings How often should the internal
GMP audits be performed? Monthly at each CAP facility Photos to Consider: Four "levels" 1. Food Safety

2. Food Quality

3. Misc. Task

4. Personnel Safety Orange Brown
Blue yes, this includes ink from the ink jetters
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