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My Biography report on: Ronda Jean Rousey (Rowdy)

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Danielle Huerta

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of My Biography report on: Ronda Jean Rousey (Rowdy)

My Biography report on: Ronda Jean Rousey (Rowdy)
By: Danielle Huerta
Personal Information
Ronda was born February 1, 1987 at Riverside County, California.
Ronda's mom & father's names are AnnMaria De Mars and Ron Rousey. She also has 3 sisters.Maria Burns-Ortiz, Jennifer Rousey, and Julia DeMars.
Rousey struggled in class and was homeschooled for parts of elementary and high school
Ronda is an actress and a Mixed Martial Artist.
She has a Fourth degree black belt in judo.
She also has four successful title defense
Best female fighter of 2012, 2013, and 2014
She also competed in and won the First Ever Women's fight in UFC History!
Rousey is also an avid fan of Pokemon series
1st woman to sign with UFC
Also learned judo at age 11!
My Choice
Well, I thought Ronda Rousey was interesting because she's a girl UFC fighter and I find that really cool! I think shes the best girl UFC fighter ever. She's so tough and doesn't care what other people say and that's how I want to be. That's why I find Ronda so interesting..
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