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Grantham School PBIS Exemplar Presentation

Grantham School, Wayne County, North Carolina

Matthew Daughtry-Grubbs

on 11 June 2018

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Transcript of Grantham School PBIS Exemplar Presentation

Grantham School
PRIDE - being proud: having high self-esteem; respecting yourself; having joy that comes from actions, possessions, or relationships.
Prepared - To be ready ahead of time for a specific purpose.
Respectful - having good manners and not being arrogant or prideful.
Independent - not being influenced or controlled by others in the way you think or act.
Determined - having goals and working towards them no matter what.
Enthusiastic - Having and showing a lot of enjoyment, interest, or approval.
Grantham Middle School is a 5-8 school located in Wayne County, NC.

Grantham School initially started participating in PBIS many years ago, but did not start implementation until six years ago.
With a revitalized desire to implement with fidelity, Grantham School started sending members to Tier 1 training in 2011. As staff at Grantham began to buy into the vision of PBIS, the PBIS committee was restructured and committee members were sent to Module 2 training in October 2013.
In February 2014 Grantham received a
Green Ribbon Award, their first PBIS recognition.
Grantham School continued to thrive in the implementation of PBIS, seeing success throughout the school. With a desire to continue progressing and a need for further training at the tertiary level, they received Module 3 training in February 2014.
Each school year begins with a refresher for all school staff including a review of the goals of PBIS, the matrix and school-wide expectations, process for progressing from one tier to another, submission of an office referral, behavior documentation processes and expectations, criteria for celebrations, classroom initiatives, and ways the PBIS committee can support each staff member.
The committee offers refresher training and PBIS updates to the staff throughout the year in forms such as committee member updates presented during grade level PRCs, one hour training sessions, emails, staff meetings, pop quizzes. They also started working through Module 1 training with the staff this year. Module 1 training should be completed by the end of this coming school year.
Just as students are celebrated, Grantham Middle School's PBIS committee leaders work hard to ensure all committee members are celebrated in ways such as random candy bars in mail boxes and snacks during some committee meetings.
The PBIS committee also takes time to ensure the staff school wide are celebrated. This has been delivered in many forms including a staff member of the week each week and staff wide luncheons every 9 weeks.
Implementation Strategies - Students

To assist staff in understanding the behavior management process more fully, Grantham developed this flowchart.
To assist in further understanding and clarification, this pyramid was developed which merges the three PBIS tiers with Grantham's behavior management system.
Grantham adopted PRIDE as their acronym for communicating their school rules.
Each school year begins with a big push to remind students of Grantham's school rules (matrix), how behavior is monitored (team notebook), what the discipline process looks like, and what the criteria are for celebrations. Students enrolling throughout the year are provided the same information.
Along with this review, a letter and a brochure are sent home with each student. The letter explains the PBIS process as well as the celebration criteria for that grade level.
The brochure provides information regarding the school-wide program.
Implementation Strategies - Students/Parents
Students are continually reminded of the school rules as they are transitioning throughout the school day, make poor choices, have been out for a period of time, or any other time the teachers feel it necessary.
Each morning, our principal reviews PRIDE and what each letter stands for. She has students come the office each morning to help recite the school's mission and pledge.
During these same morning announcements, each grade level is given a day to announce their "Most Wanted" students - the students who have displayed Bulldog Pride. Their picture is taken at the end of the month and displayed at the front of our school. (Teachers and other staff are also displayed on this same wall.)
Students recognized as being part of Grantham's Most Wanted also receive a pass to a Grantham or feeder high school sporting event.
Each teacher and staff member is also supported in encouraging positive behavior. This may look like a classroom reward, ice cream tickets for random acts of kindness, extra time outside, or student choice (student chooses what they would like to receive.
Parents are also included in the process through encouragement to show appreciation to their child for displays of positive behavior.
School-wide, Grantham Middle School has utilized Class Dojo as a way of tracking behavior, both positive and negative. Parents are able to check on their children, staff are able to communicate with parents, and students are able to track behavior and set goals for themselves. Celebration criteria has been based on Class Dojo averages.
At the end of each nine weeks, each grade level selects a way to celebrate the positive behavior of students. This includes activities such as a movie and snacks in the classroom and open gym time.
At the end of the year, students who have participated in the top tier celebration each nine weeks (criteria established and communicated at the beginning of the year) are invited to participate in an end of the year celebration. These may included: rollerskating, movie and popcorn at a theater, day in the park, sock-hop, bowling, limo ride and party afterward, or other ideas a presented.
Grantham Middle School is always looking for ways to implement PBIS with fidelity. Other ways they work to accomplish this include but are not limited to: Classroom lessons focusing on PRIDE, daily review in ISS, Working with teachers (including electives) to integrate PRIDE into the curriculum, School counselors utilizing PRIDE while working with students, outside mentors for students facing behavior challenges, community sponsors donating to PBIS initiatives, community dance to raise funds and awareness of PBIS, and so on.
SYSTEMS - Administration
Grantham has an active administrator on the PBIS committee. The PBIS Administrator and the school's principal are in full support of PBIS. It is in the top three goals of the school. They set dates for celebrations at the very beginning of the year and fully support any fundraising endeavors. They attend PBIS functions and actively remind staff of the school rules and referral process established by PBIS. Grantham could not ask for more involved and committed administration.
SYSTEMS - In-School Coach
Grantham's in-school coach works closely with all team members, especially the administrator, facilitator, and subcommittee chairs to ensure Grantham is implementing PBIS with fidelity. The in-school coach attends all county meetings and trainings available. The information is brought back to the team and dispensed out to the entire school. The in-school coach works with team members to ensure the needs of the students, staff, and team are being met while continually reevaluating PBIS at Grantham. The in-school coach has also started training at regional tranings, further increasing the implementation level at Grantham Middle School.
The following are monthly ODR totals from the 2015-2016 school year (through June):
August - 1
September - 40
October - 66
November - 49
December - 26
January - 22
February - 44
March - 49
April - 33
May - 40
June - 5
TOTAL - 375
This chart shows the monthly ODR totals comparing the 5th-8th grade totals from the 2014-2015 school year to the 2016-2017 school year:

From the 2015-2016 school year to the 2016-2017 school year, the monthly total differences are as follows:
August: -1
September: +2
October: -54
November: -19
December: +3
January: -1
February: 0
March: +38
April: +4
May: +16
June: +4

Overall, from last school year to this school year, Grantham Middle School saw 8 less ODRS which is a decrease of almost 3%
Last school year, the area of concern was 7th grade referrals. This school year the 8th grade team has worked with the PBIS team to ensure effective administration of the PBIS rules, reiteration of expectations, assistance from additional supports, and strategic positive rewards.
This school year, there were 94 bus referrals.
This is 24 less than last year, which is 20% decrease.
Staff retention is an area each school would like to keep low. Some of the main reasons this is essential to PBIS are staff moral, staff training in PBIS, and school wide understanding of PBIS expectations and procedures. Grantham Middle School maintains 61 full time staff. In previous years we have loss up to 9 staff. This year we are only loosing three, all for positive reasons such as spouse job relocation.
As mentioned previously, Grantham Middle Schol does their best to ensure all staff are appreciated. This year alone, the school, not including events put on by the Caring Committee, hosted 4 different staff appreciation events. This was on top of the initiatives run through the PBIS team. It is so vital to the school atmosphere and the success of PBIS to have a staff who know they are appreciated and genuinely cared for. Not only has Grantham Middle School seen an overall and site specific decrease in ODRs, but an increase in staff retention as well.
Grantham has been honored to receive a score of 100% on their SET for the past four years. The PBIS committee takes the SET very seriously, working all year to ensure the staff and students fully understand the ins and outs of PBIS. The committee graciously receives the feedback from the SET each year and strives to continually improve on the areas of weakness.
PRACTICES: Implementation Inventory
Over the past several years, the Grantham School PBIS committee has continually reviewed the Implementation Inventory, looking for ways to improve implementation procedures. In the last two years we have almost scored 100% in all areas. The implementation of tier three practices, great buy-in from staff, administrative support, and community involvement in PBIS have pushed Grantham Middle School PBIS to be we what it is today.
Grantham School is so proud of the progress made over the past couple years in PBIS. Although they have seen such vast improvement, they are aware of an ever changing population and needs what will need to be addressed. They know the job is not done and will continue to strive for the the best, recognizing each student is valuable and needs the best opportunities possible to ensure they have the chance to become the best they can be.
With the completion of Tier 3 training, Grantham School PBIS continued their growth and received their first Exemplar Rating in 2014 and Model School in 2015.
The start of the 2015-2016 school year introduced a new school and a new name, Grantham Middle School. Now a 5-8 school separate from the elementary school (K-4), the PBIS team was able to focus on these grade levels and hone their focus as they engaged the middle school students in a more meaningful manner. The middle school received Exemplar Rating their first year.
Early on, due to being a K-8 school, it became apparent Grantham's PBIS committee would need to consist of representatives from each grade level and other areas around school. After years of work, this was accomplished in time for the 2013-2014 school year. In becoming a middle school, it was obvious we would continue with the success of including many stakeholders in the PBIS Committee. The team is scheduled to meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month with others as needed.
We are proud of our academics for many reasons. First, 6th grade students consistently showed growth. Not only did they show growth, but they exceeded expectations in ELA and math. This grade level continues to grow from year to year. The other grade levels did not show desired growth, but certainly show promise as we go into next school year.
Students this year were exposed to Project Based Learning which increased their awareness of how their education directly relates to real world scenarios. They also interacted with Air Force personal, becoming involved in community opportunists and once again seeing how what they are learning in school directly impacts their future.
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