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Gender Marketing

No description

Ana Hanssen

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Gender Marketing

Gender Marketing Ana Joana Hanssen Agenda 1. What is Gender Marketing?
2. Women vs Men
a) Gender related differences
b) Buying Behavior
3. Implementation of Gender Marketing What is Gender Marketing ?
A marketing concept adjusted to the different needs and preferences of women and men in order to increase sales. Women vs. Men Gender related differences Biological differences
- the brain
- the hormones
- the perception The Brain The Hormones Testosterone -->male hormone
Estrogen --> female hormone The Perception Sight
Sense of smell
Skin Implementation of Gender Marketing 80% of consumption decisions made by women Buying Behavior Buying decisions get influenced by :
Emotions, preferences, information processing
and learning.
"Women collect and men hunt" Examples for successful implementation of gender marketing :
- Old Spice
- Kuschelweich
- Coca Cola Implementation of Gender Marketing Women:
- use and function
- appearance
- emotional, etc ... Men:
- structures
- powerful colors
- numbers
- simple shape, etc... Thank you very much for your Attention !!! Sources http://www.hs-nb.de/fileadmin/PROJEKTE/GenderMainStreaming/files/vortrag_gender_marketing_schambach.pdf http://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/gender-marketing-der-kleine-unterschied-1488309.html http://www.marketing-blog.biz/blog/archives/3029-Was-ist-eigentlich-...-Gendermarketing.html http://www.3v-marketing.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=23:gender-marketing&catid=37:publikationen&Itemid=68 http://www.bluestone-ag.de/docs/bs_gm-broschuere-2004.pdf http://blog.edelundfein.com/professionelles-gender-marketing-beginnt-beim-produktdesign/653 http://www.cokezero.de/ http://wirtschaftslexikon.gabler.de/Definition/marketing.html Differences ? Barletta, Marti (2006): Marketing to women – How to increase your share of the world's largest
market, New York. http://www.diplom.de/Gender-Marketing/12374.html?tm_campaign=473&utm_source=google&utm_medium=scholar&utm_campaign=Google%2BScholar http://www.perspektive-mittelstand.de/Gender-Marketing-Weg-vom-Unisex-Ansatz-der-Kundenbindung/management-wissen/3550.html http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/consumer/gender-and-marketing-the-female-brain/
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