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OTC Medicine

No description

Mia Treadway

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of OTC Medicine

Headache, Backache, Arthritis, Sleep problems, UTI, Cold/Flu, Allergies, & Stomach problems
Australian Dream
Advil Migraine
5 pills, 1 roll on medication, creams, sprays, and patches available
Dr. Moore
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Vol Hlth&Gero, No. 19
Ailments: medications in drug stores
Stomach & Constipation
There are 40+ different medications available
Over 40+ medications on the shelf
Doans & Backaid Max
Commercial Pharmacy
Older Adults and Over the counter Medications
*Over 100,000 OTC medications on the market including off brand products
*Adults over the age of 65 are the largest users
of nonprescription medication use
*Twice as many OTC drugs are being used instead
of prescriptions
*The elderly rely on self management of medications to treat such aliments of common cold, pain, diarrhea, and constipation
Overview of OTC medications
*Boxes are harder to open
*Child proof caps on pill bottles
*Print sizes can be small &
extremely hard to read
*The color schemes are not
always warm colors, makes it
harder for elderly to see
*Some medications have
similar looking boxes, therefore
a lot of OTC medications get mixed up
*Located with other subcategories of Advil
*Comes in
*Liquid filled capsules
*Bottle is easy to open with directions on back
*Has "new warning" labels on front & back of box
Blue & red packaging
Box hard to open
Individual powder packets
Uses large/small font
Comes in cream or gel
Gel comes with easy to use sponge application
Cream has no odor/gel has menthol
Both are very colorful. Red & orange boxes
Font on box is easy to read, with large words
Both packages are easy to open
Instructions on back of package/much smaller on gel box
Simple small box
Direct words, short & sweet
Wording is small, but not hard to read
100% money back guarantee
Jar could be hard to grip, but still simple to open
Goody's Powder
Multiple color boxes
Boxes can be hard to open
Individual packages
Medium size fonts
Direction on back describe daily maximum dosage & frequency
Comes in red/orange box
Not easy to open
Extra strength capsules
Not very easy to find on shelf
Has a picture of a man holding his back on the box
Bright blue box
Uses large font
Enclosed capsules
Not very easy for elderly people to open
Nasal Spray
Excedrin Migraine & Bayer Migraine
Comes in a variety of colored boxes
Extra strength time released capsules
Has child-proof lid, could be difficult to open
Name of medicine large, easy to identify
Side effects clearly listed on the back
Grouped with other headache specific medicines on the shelf
Vibrant purple box located on shelf
Bottle does not have a top easy to open
No directions on bottle itself, only on box
Easy to swallow capsules
A probiotic pill, chew or powder used for colon health and fiber
The probiotics are in a pink and purple warm colored box with easy to read labels and instructions
Phillips caplets are in a blue and white box, less distinguishable
Comes in boxes as well as bottles with large caps that are easy to grip and open
Colors resemble Phillips probiotic box
Powder form available to dissolve in liquids
Very clear directions on daily usage on the back of bottles
Easy to take and use
Located on the shelf
Small blue & white box
Large title, small font used on back
Small bottles located on shelf
Soft colors such as blue/white, green/white
Caps are easy to remove
Could cause nasal discomfort

Well known product located on shelf
Bright green & orange packaging with large lettering
Pills are small, but also comes in a liquid form
Boxes can be hard to open-bottles have large caps easy to grip
Available for all ages
Colorful box with large lettering
Money back guarantee when compared to Claratin
Many flavors including fresh mint and citrus that melts in your mouth
Located on shelf, priced about $20 a box
Relief for 24 hours
Purple box along with purple bottles
Pills vary from long and skinny to flat and round
Offers 12 & 24 hr relief and priced around $12-15 for a 12 count box
Small warning labels
Interviewed a 68 year old male on current medications being used including OTC medications. Patient currently on coumadin and is very careful of what type of OTC medicines he takes. To manage some joint pain (arthritis) he takes Tylenol or acetaminophen because it has less side effects than a nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug (aspirin) due to increased bleeding that can be caused. He has his grandson assist him with medications.
Yellow box
Easy to identify on the shelf
Found with other Bayer products
Extra strength only
Bottles easy to open
Has a special arthritis cap
Bright red box
Powder form instead of capsules
Not easy to find on shelf
Difficult boxes to open
Individual packets are easy to open
Thermacare heat wraps
Arnicare Gel
Easy to find
Large box showing areas of the body the product can be used
Large font used
Easy directions
Available in both capsules and gels
Easily found on shelf
Comes in white box with blue writing
Easy to open
Gel can be applied directly to skin
Bengay pain relief patch
Very bright red and blue box
Pictures on front of box showing places of pain
Colorful directions on box
Box is easy to open with individual sealed packets
Bright blue color
Very easy to spot on shelf
Some have special arthritis cap
Directions can be peeled of bottle
Many bottles to choose from
Well known popular brand
Bubble gum pink bottles
Liquid & capsules available
Multiple flavors
Used for upset stomach
Blue, white, & light green boxes
Could be easily confused with alka-seltzer or mucinex boxes
Sleep Disorders
Zzz Quil
*20+ different medications available on the shelf
Large purple box with big, bright writing
Easy to read
Comes in pill or liquid forms
Easy dosage instructions
Not much writing on the box overall
Comes in gels, tablets or melts
Big writing on the front,different colored wording to differentiate between forms
Directions on back of package are hard to read and see
Simply Sleep
Small box
Very small writing. Wring is spread throughout the box
Box sealed very tightly, hard to open
Can come in tablets, liquid, or gummies
Direct, short instructions
No contradictions with other medications because it is natural and drug free
Easy to open
Tablets should be dissolved before swallowing
Cranberry Pills
Found on shelf
Easy to open box, pills are sealed in package
Font is large on the front, small in the back
Different warm colored boxes
Medication can interfere with lab tests (urine, glucose)
Found on the shelf
Twist cap can be difficult to open
Many different manufactures
*10+ medications-pill and patch form
Cystex Pills
For women
Easy open boxes, comes in patch forms
Easy to read print on front of the box
Uses light pink colors
Interactions can happen with this drug
Located on the shelf
Easy to open boxes
Large font, warm colors
Also comes in cranberry liquid form
Advil Cold & Sinus
NyQuil Liquid
On the shelf
Very large and easy to read print
Easy to open boxes, sealed pills
Must ask the pharmacist for
Large print used on front of the boxes, small print used on the back of the boxes
Do not take with MAOI drugs
Must ask pharmacist
Easy to open boxes with sealed pills
Brand name is printed larger than everything else
Symptoms on front of the box
Do not take with MAOI drugs
Located on shelf
Child proof caps, hard to open
Fairly large print, easy to read and understand
*Over 50+ OTC medications for cold/flu
On the shelf
Easy to open boxes and tablet packets
Large print on front and back of the boxes
Do not use with MAOI drugs
Located on shelf
Easy to read print on the front, harder on the back
Box is easy to open, but bottles have child-proof caps which make it harder
Many adverse side effects taking OTC medications
Warnings and side effects printed very small on back of boxes/bottles
Many elders take OTC medications in addition to prescriptions
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