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Planet Of The Exponents

Travel guide

Juandiego Benjumea

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Planet Of The Exponents

Planet Of The Exponents
Negative Power Law
If base and exponent are not zero, rewrite it as a fraction and that base now has a positive exponent. The rule has been broken alot, we only want "positive" attitudes not negative.

Multiplying Law
If the base is the
same, add the
Exponent. If you
break this law you
will always be wrong.

Dividing Law
If the base is the same, subtract the exponents. If you break this law you will take the next flight back to Earth.

Zero Power Law
Any base raised to the zero power has a value of one. This is an easy rule if you brake it you will be known and "the dumbo".

Adding & Subtracting Law
All you have to do is follow the order of operations. If law is broken, you will have to move away from the country.

Planet Continents
There are five different types of continents. Each continent has different laws. These continents are multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting, negative power, and zero power.
Scientific Notation World wide
Scientific Notation is used to repersent very small and very large numbers. Scientific notation always has a coefficient is between 1 and 10 multiplied by a power of ten. The law is a world wide law so if you brake it you would go to jail for the rest of your life.
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