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Tiger STEM Academy Snyder ISD

No description

Jorge Mendez

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of Tiger STEM Academy Snyder ISD

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
A focus on Project Base Learning
If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow-John Dewey
What is STEM?
Addition to a STEM Academy
What classes will students take?
What is Project-Based Learning?
What skills will students gain?
April 11, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A Opportunity to Focus
Why should a student be in the STEM Academy?
Honors classes
College prep class AVID
STEM Class 7th grade year
STEM Class 8th grade year (high school credit)
Commit to Join FFA-scholarship & leadership opportunities
Commit to join clubs and be leaders on campus
Tiger STEAM Academy
Second Year

1. Designed to challenge students
to apply knowledge through
Real-World problems
Given problems that require more than just a one answer and/or solution
Students look for solution through creative and critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

21st Century Skills

Learn to work collaborative
Apply critical thinking
Focus students on attending college
Give students the best chance to prepare for college life
Produce competitive graduates for the workplace
STEM-related careers are some of the highest paid and highest demanded careers

Selection process for students:
Students will apply and will be evaluated on the following:
Work Ethic
School Attendance
Leadership Qualities

High School Programs
Scientific Investigation
Mathematics & Reasoning
Computer Science
Ag Science
Health Care Science
Architecture & Construction
Oil & Gas
High School
Pass TSI by 10th grade
12-30 college hours
STEM Endorsement
Endorsement in other areas
Science Fair, UIL participation
Current Status:
Students Identified
Second 7th Grade Cohorts
1. To focus on earning 12-30 hours
college credit

2. Earning scholarships

3. Developing leadership opportunities

4. Exploring careers in
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

5. Focusing on 21st Century skills

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