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Gordon Allport

No description

Tyler Palecek

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Gordon Allport

Gordon Allport
What did Gordon do that was special?
He was one of the first psychologists to focus on the personality of a person. He was more into the uniqueness, and present problems that presented themselves.
The history of Gordon Allport.
The years of research
Gordon lived from 1897-1967. He obtained his psychology Ph. D in 1922. Allport did his research from 1922-1924, in which he then began to teach a class at Harvard about his findings.
The significance
Gordon's research focused more on individuals than groups, pointing out the uniqueness of each person. He also made a distinction between the drive and motive of a person.
The end
Gordon graduated second in his class from Greenville High School at the age of eighteen. He received a scholarship from harvard, where he went and obtained his A.B degree in Philosophy and economics.
Gordon continued his research until the day he died in 1967. His research is still looked at today even though it is not the most important.
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