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Education Inequality

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Emily Kobayashi

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Education Inequality

Emily Kobayashi Education Inequality ...and help children like the ones in Malawi and Afghanistan get their right to go to school!!! Recommend lobbing the government to: What is Malawi doing for their people? UNICEF is building community primary schools to help students, especially girls go to school. What about other programs? What can help solve education inequality? REMEMBER: Middle School High School End Start WHY EDUCATION? Remember that first day of school? The very first day of Kindergarten or 1st grade? Do you remember how excited you were? But you knew that day would be the first day in a long career of schooling. Then you moved up to middle school Elementary School But you knew that you would continue on to high school You've made it. Now what? On to college! Then after college we get a job and live comfortably... because we got a good job... because we went to college... because we went to school. That's why school is important. It helps us have a good life. What if we took away all that education? Unless you're a genius. You wouldn't have a good job. Not a good job Bad job, Little money Little money,
No food No food, you die. You die, your children are orphaned Children don't go to school The education of children in Malawi Where is Malawi? Malawi is a country located in Africa. Why is education important in Malawi? Literacy rate in Malawi is only 67.3% for women and 76.5% for men Notice that the literacy rate for women is lower than the men literacy rate (http://www.rippleafrica.org/education-in-malawi-africa/general-education-in-malawi-africa) Human Rights What are Human Rights? They are... That all Human Beings Have And The Universal Declaration of Human Rights What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Universal Declaration of Human Rights Everywhere Document that states Rights that every human being has So the Universal Declaration of Human Rights means: That a document states that human being have rights for being human - EVERYWHERE. What are some Human Rights listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Article 1 Everyone is free and should be treated the same way. Article 14 Everyone has a right to belong to a country Article 26 Everyone has a right to go to school Article 30 No one can take away any of the rights in this declaration Article 26 The right to go to school! This right is important or else you end up like this person Many children do not go to school because of cultural reason, poverty, or gender bias This is Education Inequality! Safety of Girls at school Many girls in Malawi drop out when they reach high school One reason for this is: Girls are sometimes abused at school “The abuse of girls by some teachers is happening at the schools, and sometimes the teachers, if they are not the actual sexual intercourse, but they like touching, touching (unintelligible). Some girls, especially when they reach ages of 15 or 14, they drop out of school” (Hunter-Gault). http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5627794 Girls are dropping out of school because they do not feel safe. This violates girls' human right to go to school, because girls don’t feel safe enough to go to school, so they drop out and lose their education rights. Resources at school Do students have enough resources to pass their finals? No, in order for a student to move up a grade, they must pass the end of the year test, but the percentage of students passing their test is decreasing. “This general decrease (of final exams being passed) is probably partly due to staff shortage (4 teachers per school), inadequate teaching and learning material, unqualified teachers, orphan hood and general poverty, and absenteeism of both teachers and pupils.” ("Nkhata Bay District Socio-Economic Profile (2010-2012)"). http://www.scotland-malawipartnership.org/documents/68-NkhataBayDistrictSEP2009-2012FINAL.pdf They are lucky enough to go to school, but without resources to help them learn, their right to go to school is obsolete. build more houses and classrooms to attract teachers raise awareness on importance of school to decrease dropouts and cultural problems Organizations in Malawi such as RIPPLE Africa, a charity that strives to make a better life for people in Africa. They support five primary schools by paying teacher salaries, building more classrooms, and supplying books and other resources. Afghanistan Government: The Taliban Government in Turmoil Afghanistan had over 20 years of civil war, followed by the takeover of the Taliban in 1994. The Taliban took away human rights of many, especially women's rights. They closed the women’s university, made women quit their jobs, imposed a dress code, and other violations of human rights. They did not allow girls older than eight attend school. 8 years old is about the equivalent of 2nd or 3rd grade In 2001, the Taliban were thrown out of power, but some of their ideas were passed to other people. Acid Attacks and Poison The idea that girls should not attend school was passed on to others. School girls are targeted: “Some girls have been maimed by acid attacks. Others have had their drinking water poisoned or been targeted by bombers who think females should be forbidden from school -- as they were during the Taliban's rule” (Torgan). http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/26/world/asia/cnnheroes-afghan-schoolgirls Girls are being pulled from school due to safety issues like this. The people who target school girls are preventing girls from going to school. They are violating girls' human right to go to school. Secondary School Families do not allow girls to continue their education after primary school: “There are many reasons why families do not allow their daughters to continue their education after finishing secondary school: some are concerned about security, but some girls are forced to leave school due to discriminatory traditions, or because they are married off by their families” ("AFGHANISTAN: Girls Miss out on Full Education"). http://www.irinnews.org/IndepthMain.aspx?InDepthID=28&ReportID=69986 Girls are being discriminated against because of their girl. The Afghan culture is to think that girls are supposed to stay at home, which takes away from their schooling. What is the Government doing to help alleviate education inequality? The government is focusing on building community based schools to make students and families feel like the school is safe and close to home. What is the point? The point is: Education Inequality is a HUGE issue. What can education do? Without education, it is highly unlikely you can succeed. For children, especially girls, in Malawi and Afghanistan, education is a way for them to succeed in life. Education can do a lot! YOU What can the United States do? They can help by sending resources into countries like Afghanistan and Malawi, so that everyone can have an education! What can Summit San Jose do? Summit is a college prep school and is already opening the door to education equality. It is helping us be successful for college, where not everyone is admitted and we would have to be able to do well. CAN HELP How can you help? Every single one of us can do our part to overcome education inequality. We can start by fighting for our own education because this issue will not go away if we do not help ourselves first.

Then we can make the first step towards sending someone else onto the road of success. We can stop Education Inequality... ...One STEP at a time... ...and stop violations of Article 26, the right to an education, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights... Thank You! These girls become drop outs because of their parents, and become part of the epidemic. Hopefully soon, there will be safe roads to school for girls in Afghanistan Women under the Taliban's rule School in ruins.
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