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"High and Low"

No description

Brianna Kuss

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of "High and Low"

"High and Low" Kurosawa’s Mise-En-Scene Stylistic form of filming
French for “putting into the scene”
Uses closed composition
House is closed off from the outside
Lighting is a key effect used throughout
Space Manipulation
Japan: An American World Anti-Capitalistic undertones
National Shoe Company
Boys playing cowboy
Executives try to force out the old man and Gondo
Creation of lower class
Gondo chooses moral decision over greed and becomes national hero

Film Creates social awareness
High and Low ( Tengoku to Jigoku)
Literally translated to heaven and hell
Title introduces us to class difference
police force symbolizes conflicting issues between higher and lower classes
Gondo's house
Sweltering police quarters
shack of kidnapper
the less glamorous Tokyo
Glass Door to the outside world
Kidnapper has to look up at Gondo’s house everyday
CLASS GREED Gondo is selfish with business decisions
Takes back decision to give ransom
Wife even points out how irrational/immoral Gondo is PRIDE Chauffer is put down/humiliated
AT first he is mindful of social status and says his son will find a time to escape
Eventually begs on his knees
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