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Martha's Country Bakery

No description

Nancy Zhu

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Martha's Country Bakery

Martha's Country Bakery
Current Perception
SWOT Analysis
4 P's of Marketing
Owner's Goal: To keep their shops local, and serve the best fresh baked goods.
Our goal is to adhere to their mission
A play within a play
All Photos here are taken by Nancy
Primary research was done by speaking to the owner himself, employees, and customers at site
Unique Selling Point
Offers a large variety of delicious freshly baked desserts
Marketing Initiatives
Store Expansions
Expansion of Stores

Delivery Options
Loyalty Programs with special offers
Group 2 - CAN Do Agency LLC
Market Factors
Reasonable Prices

$4.75 for a slice of cake
$1.95 for American Coffee
$3.00 for a cupcake
Cakes like these really just sell themselves
Social Media
Product complexity
Gourmet and fancy designs
Product Life Cycle
Even throughout the year

Perishable products, thus relatively short life span
Limited product standardization.
Every shop has its own special baked goods
Thank you
Is your mouth watering now?
According to Simmons Data:
Consumption of Cookies in the last 6 weeks
Age group of 55-59 8.75% HIGHEST
Age group of 22-24 4.03% LOWEST
Consumption of Cakes in the last 6 weeks
Age group of 45-49 12.5% HIGHEST
Age group of 22-24 4.03% LOWEST
Customer Profile
Small quantities
Do not require service; however it is recommended
Consumer/Industrial Consumer
3 locations :(
Size of Market
Geographic Location
Small market size
Does not require intermediaries
Focused in Queens
Direct selling is appropriate
Internal Capabilities
Product is the bakery itself
Martha's Country Bakery offers:
a great experience and relaxed environment
a good compliment to the surrounding restaurants
MCB is doing just as well as its competitors without putting money into marketing
Located in populated areas
Product Delicacy
Product Standardization
Nancy Zhu, Chandni Parekh, Amaz Qureshi, Dasol Jung
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