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Design Thinking - Empathy Map

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Pablo Faure

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Design Thinking - Empathy Map

Parent Student's

"A troubled relationship"
I believe its important to engage the
parents inside of the educational project.
In most cases, parents only go to school when they discover your children's failure.
Teachers can't replace a family, they are only
a knowledgde family's guide.

Communications book its an only channel
between fathers and teachers.
Teachers more engaged are the most suffer in a family-school current relationship.
Many families deal with your childrens as well
but others don't. Teachers lacks a good strategy to deal with new family conflicts.
The school must explain clearly pedagogy
goals and assessments criteria.
Some parents don't came to school because
they feel shame for your children's behavior
We know the parents at the first day class.
Then, we don't see them until the last day.
She knows that is a complex problem but
it need been solved.
She is waiting a external help for solve it.
If she gets parent's help your work would be
more effective.

She believes than a educational system is
responsible for lack of responses.
Could to take place violent situations with parents if a student don't get your degree.

Sense of frustration, because she couldn't
solve an old problem until now.
That is a distress situation.
Lack of acknowledgement for your work.
Alone, without parent's support.
Fear for parent's reactions when a student
is reproved.
There are two opposite parent's behavior:
While ones make a blind defense of your
children's performance another group feel
shame and impotence. Both they don't
dedicate time enough to your children's
Communication practically is broken.
Teacher Responsible
Passionate Innovative
Extrovert Sensitive

Gets a higher performance
of your students

There are a low engagement
of students and yours
parents with school.

She seemed something annoyed
and worried when we talked about your students parent's relationship.
She is convenced than your students per-
formance is related directly with a low
parent's engagement.
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