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No description

Tian Rice

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Retard

Roman-era mummy found near Cairo!!! : / A female mummy was recently unearthed be archeologists about 190 miles southwest of Cairo, Egypt. The location that the mummy was found(Bahariya Oasis) was not a new site to have found mummies. In 1996, a team of Egyptian Archeologists uncovered 254 mummies in 17 tombs at that location. Not only was the mummy found, but the team of archeologists found other items such as coins anthopoid masks, and glass and clay vessels in 14 newly discovered Greco-Roman tombs. Mahmoud Affifi, the leader of the dig, told reporters that the tomb found with the female mummy was unique, with stairways and corridors and that it could date back all the way to 300 B.C. Female mummy might have lived in Egypt in the time after Alexander the Great which makes it possible for Romans to have lived there. In the time that Alexander the Great was in Egypt, he only attacked because of the Persians that were ruling over Egypt at the time.
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