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Internet Research

No description

Kenton Armbruster

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of Internet Research

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Turn and Talk to a Neighbor
What are your experiences like searching for information on the internet?
Were you able to find what you were looking for?
What frustrates you when you're searching the internet?
What strategies seem to work when searching the internet?
What search engines do you like to use and why?
What strategies do you apply when searching the internet?
Stands for Uniform Resource Locator if you were wondering.
This is where we type in the address to go directly to a website.
Complete the backside of the handout - Using Keywords on the Internet

Internet Research
Now let's give it a try
1. Go to your favorite search engine by typing it into the URL box.
2. Type in "Chinese New Year" to the search box
3. DO NOT just click on the first one that pops up, but read the website descriptions to make sure you get the best source
Learn how to conduct an effective search on the internet using keywords
Goal #1
Learn how to refine a keyword combination to yield better search results
Goal #2
Goal #3
Learn the difference between effective and ineffective keyword combinations
Goal #4
Apply search strategies and skills by researching a variety of topics
What do we hope to learn or master in this unit?
Although Google Chrome has the option to search through the URL box, it is most effectively used to take you directly to a website.

For instance try going to www.prezi.com.

This can be done on any internet browser.
Now let's try narrowing our search a little.
Try adding "America" or "in America" in your search engine to see what is done for the Chinese New Year in America
Narrowing Your Search
Find a link you think is going to be a good source based on the description.
Also, you can open the link in a new tab if you right click the link and then click "Open Link in New Tab"
Basic Search Tips
Here are some basic search tips on the coming frames. Stay up on your notes and follow along with the searches to get your practice.
+, -, and " "
1. The + will make sure that the following word WILL be in your search results. The - will make sure that the following word WILL NOT be in your search.
2. The " " around a group of words will make sure that those words appear exactly like that in your search.
First and Capitals
3. Type the most important words of your search first. This will help the search engine find the most helpful source.
4. Only use capital letters in your search when you want to find an exact match for that proper noun
* and " " +/- Combinations
5. The asterisk * can be used as a wildcard and combining with the roots of words can provide you with variations in the spelling.
6. Combining " " and a + or - may help you in narrowing your search more effectively.
AND, NOT, OR, and ( OR )
7. When trying to narrow your search using AND, NOT, and OR use all caps. Some search engines will only work if you do this, so it is good to get into the practice.
8. When searching a phrase with OR put the phrase in parentheses.
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