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My Hobbies

No description

Johanna Arenas

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of My Hobbies

There are many types of hobbies Collecting It depends on the interests of the individual collector. People collect different things for different reasons. Games Definition
A Hobby is a regular activity or interest that we do for pleasure. It is what you enjoy doing in your leisure time Recreational activity that people do for enjoyment. Ability, level of intelligence and personality are factors that determine what games a person enjoys. Outdoor recreation Group of activities like: canoeing, climbing, caving
or fishing Creative hobbies
Performing arts My Hobbies when I was a Child When I was 6 years old
I practiced: Olympic Gymnastics and Swimming Collecting Teddy Bears Tazos Marbles My Hobbies in the Present Go to the Beach Go to the Gym:
Four times a week Topics Definition of Hobby
Types of Hobbies
My Hobbies when I was a Child
My Hobbies in the Present Final Presentation Definition and Types of Hobbies Many people think of coins or stamps when they talk about having a collection.
Actually, there are many types of things that people enjoy collecting There are: mental games or physical games Outdoor recreation is like a sport. Water sports and Snow sports are types of this. There is a thing that is common in Outdoor recreation:
The adrenaline When I was 14 years old
I started to practice: Weekend School Team When I was a child
I really loved the Sports Volleyball and Tennis Another Hobbies when I was
a child: I Had more than
150 Tazos
200 Marbles
40 Teddy Bears Many people think that
this is not a Hobby but
I think: "If you really enjoy
going to the beach in your leisure
time, then it is a Hobby" Dance Flamenco
I'm going to start
Flamenco classes
the next year because
I think that this is
the better form to
lose weigth. Actually I think that collect marbles
is more interesting than collect tazos. The Beach is the best place in the world Swimming is nicer
than Gymnastics Twice a week
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