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Hernando Cortes

No description

Johnny Mier

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Hernando Cortes

Hernando Cortes Pizarro was born in 1485 near Merida Extremadura Castile in Spain. Son of Martin Cortes and Dona Catalina Pizarro. Cortes was born in a wealthy family yet not satisfied he was a very unsteady kid. When Cortes turned 14 his parents decided to send him to University of Salamanca. At school he felt bored.In 1501 he felt the need to explore the New World so he became a soldier and joined an expedition to the New World. Well Cortes never made it..why?? well because he was to busy hammering a girl thats right Cortes was a player. Cortes grew inspired by Christopher Columbus he knew about the New World and was determined to explore it. In 1504 Cortes joined Alonso Quintero in a ship that would head West. He arrived in Hispanolia then Cuba accessing land from the governor. Cortes was a very smart men, he ended up marrying the sister in law of governor Velazquez Catalina Xuarez. Not so dumb after all huh. Hernando got much support from his cuniiado Velazquez. Cortes was able to operate a small expedition to explore Mexico. Velazquez then changed his mind and canceled Hernans expedition, either because he found out Cortes only wanted his sister in law for sex or some other reason. Cortes ignored the governors orders and arrived in Mexico March, 1519. He quickly began to explore with his men. Stumbled upon The city of Tenochtitlan where he met the Aztec culture. Cortes had never seen Aztec people before he was shocked. Cortes met Montezuma the Aztec leader. Montezuma and his people worshiped Cortes and his people. The Aztecs thought the Spanish were gods. Cortes was concerned that the Aztecs would try to kill him so he planned to kill them first. Cortes overthrew the Aztec empire and took Montezuma hostage. All Aztecs died do to unknown diseases the spanish carried. Hernando Cortes gained power over mexico and built Mexico City. Hernando Cortes Hernando Cortes became a famous explorer and went on to building cities. He became governor and gained more power. Cortes died in 1547. His life was a gift, he had the power to seduce girls, conquer parts of mexico, become governor of Spain and put an interest in our lifes. By:Johnny M. and Mario M.
Where did Hernan sail too?
Who did Hernan Marry?
Who is Hernan brother in law? or cuniiado
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