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on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Vygotsky

Vygotsky impacted school classrooms around the world today.
Teachers teach the children for them to learn and develop their thinking skills but they also need peers and teammates like their classmates to help them.
Children reflect on their own thoughts that they start to symbolize ideas at the age of 4-6.
Born in November 17, 1896 He was raised in Gomel. Died in June 11, 1934
He studied in University of Moscow in 1913, though his course options were severely restricted because he was Jewish.
He was Russian. He only got to pursue his studies because he won at the "Jewish Lottery" which is were only 3% of jews are allowed to continue there education.
In 1924, he was invited to join the Moscow Institute of Experimental Psychology. At the institute, He served as a teacher and researcher for nine years.
Lev was a psychologist who succeed a lot in the field of child development. He focused on child development, developmental psychology, and educational philosophy.
Vygotsky work is now used as the foundation of today's psychology research. Many of his work is still being explored today. His students who he gather continued some of his studies but they were limited because of the Communists Government in Russia. He focused on children, mainly scaffolding. By learning more about the way children work, think and behave. Everyone can now base how they way they raise their children and how the education system works. This was done in Russia. We also understand more about human development, this is important because now we are able to help others develop the way they need to.
Vygotsky has contributed ideas to early childhood education.
Most important he had shown us how children forces themselves to understand the world around them , working with teachers rises their young mind of life.
His theory is involved with relationships with objects , such as books,toys and other things children get involved with in a classroom, at home, or playground.
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Vygotskyn though that language was one of the main tool that promotes thinking ,develops reasoning and supports casual activities like writing and reading.
Strategies promotes literacy across the brain and plays a significant role in knowlegd as well as a class leadership,individual groups and coaching.
However teachers inprove on the community to students to managed discussions about their learning and thinking.
Lev Vygotsky

By Karla Briones, Naycy Chavez, and Elsa Aguilar
Vygotsky Behavioral theory focused on the study of a person being isolated.
Behavioral theory was using peoples work and observation with no explanation of what was going on.
Vygotsky's work did NOT succeed, but was a huge impact in modern day today because of the cultural theories, political,economic and social view.
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