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GEMS from Central and South America

Tech project exploring any subject relative to school unit about Latin America's focus on the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs. Chose to look into the precious and semi precious stones that were mined in mesoamerica.

Masha Parfenov

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of GEMS from Central and South America

Jade Gold was not the only valuable good found y the Spanish explorers GEMS of Central and South America Bibliography Jade was prized highly over gold by the Mayans
The Aztecs prized Jadeite as well
The Incas weren't too crazy for jade, instead they went crazy for gold By Masha Parfenov GEMS of Latin America Aquamarine http://www.gemstones-guide.com/Beryl-Emerald-Aquamarine.html Meet "Ami" http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/esp_craneos_cristal_imag.htm#14 Crystal skulls were very common in mesoamerican civilizations The Mayans especially used skulls made from precious stones for healing purposes: mind, body, and soul "special roles" of stones are derived from the symbolism assigned from each civilization Amethyst http://www.list-of-birthstones.com/February%20Birthstone.html http://www.catalogue.sterlingpassion.com/gemstones_pages/amethyst.html http://www.mayanartinstone.com/media/138-1-lg.jpg http://www.mayanartinstone.com/media/138-lg.jpg Mayan Emerald and Gold Ring There were stories relative to how Cortez found thousands of pearls on his expedition Pearls weren't the only thing found in the New World besides gold.... There are hundreds of different precious and semi-precious stones found in South and Central America http://www.alluriana.com/emerald.html Emerald "the desired green gem" in Latin Universal symbol of love Symbol of "pure love" when given to partner with good intentions
Symbol of fertility and faithfulness in Christianity Second most valuable gem in the world The harbinger of love, protector of lovers Healing Properties: Said to also bring vision to those who wear it Beliefs that emeralds also bring great personal balance and peace along with wisdom to cure any diseases
of the eye http://luxemi.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/uncut-emeralds.jpg http://factsanddetails.com/world.php?itemid=1230&catid=51&subcatid=324 Aquamarine Common belief for centuries that gemstones hold healing and other supernatural powers Wear the stone in contact with skin over troubled area Aquamarine is said to help: http://www.themineralgallery.com/Denver2011-121AquamarineSchorlErongoMtsNamibia77mm.jpg Believed and practiced by shamans, healers, and medicine men Brazil is the leading producer of Aquamarine arthritis eye inflammation sore throat varicose veins Deposit Locations in the Americas: Brazil is the most important world deposit Ancient Greece believed it to be a strong antidote to drunkenness Headaches
Backache Color purple is associated with power and royalty Uruguay Mexico Bolivia United States (Arizona) Favorite of Catherine the Great Favorite of Egyptian royalty Worn by high ranks of Christian Church "the stone of bishops" Featured stone in the English Crown Jewels http://frenchyshouseparty.blogspot.com/2011/03/baubles-cont_20.html This image is of the French Crown Jewels Healing Power over: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/arts-entertainment/mayan-jade-masks-tell-of-pre-columbian-civilization-248345.html http://www.allaboutgemstones.com/jewelry_history_pre-columbian.html Jade was treasured by the Mayans and was used for funeral masks, jewelry and other accessories The Mayans at one point in time were starting to run low in their jade mines
These mines were also "closed off" once the conquistadors showed interest in the precious stone
This was done in secret by the natives of the regions to save the source for the future
These mines have been rediscovered and reopened in the 20th century Mayan Funeral Mask http://www.gemselect.com/gem-info/jade/jade-info.php#colors http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/originals/98/28/61/982861f36b0205078a8f111505104622.jpg Gold and Turquoise Ear flare
Ear Flares would widen the earlobes = desirable trait Universally appreciated to be a holy stone, good luck charm, or talisman
Believed to promote good fortune, happiness, and a long life Supposedly Heals:
heart ailments
toenail problems
blisters Turquoise http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:TurquoiseAztecMask2.jpg Aztec Funeral Mask The foundation of Aztec masks were based off of a human skull... Turquoise was used in masks and body piercing jewelry by everyone Turquoise = the coolest stone Turquoise was constantly used in all Pre-Colombian civilizations http://nevillegishford.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=79168518 Typical Gold Inca Mask Incas specialty in goldsmiths and silversmiths Silver and Gold was believed to be tears and sweat from the Sun God and Moon Goddess http://www.jacksbromeliads.com/theinca.htm (not including picture citations)
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