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My Johnny Tremain Presentation

No description

Evan Marg

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of My Johnny Tremain Presentation

Johnny Tremain: A Story about Pride and America
Chapter I
In chapter one, Up and About, most of the main characters are introduced. Johnny Tremain is a silversmith's apprentice to once well known silversmith, Mr. Lapham. Johnny is very prideful and arrogant about his work. He is the better silversmith out of the notorious other 2 who live there, Dove and Dusty. Mrs. Lapham is the mother of two girls who live there, Cilla and Isannah, Isannah the younger one, who are friends of Johnny but also tease him.
Chapter II
Johnny Tremain: A Story about Pride and America
Chapter two tells us that John Hancock has an order for a sugar basin to be made, and Johnny starts to make it, but feels uncertain about his work and goes to Paul Revere's shop for advice. Johnny returns with new instructions to make the basin and gets to work. With not enough time to finish it on Saturday, Johnny must break the law to finish up the basin and still be able to get it to Mr. Hancock by Monday. Hurrying to finish, Johnny slips on wax he did not clean up and thrusts his hand toward the cracked crucible that Dove handed to Johnny secretly. The crucible cracks open, spills silver on Johnny's hand that ultimately cripples him for the rest of the story.
Chapter III
With Johnny's crippled hand, he can no longer be a silversmith and has to find someone who will take him in despite his lame hand. While wondering about Johnny meets a boy named Rab that is not shied away from his hand like everybody else. After a chat with Rab, Uncle Lorne, who is a master printer, Rab's master and uncle by marriage, that offers him a job that includes riding and delivering papers for The Boston Observer, their newspaper that Rab and Uncle Lorne run. Johnny gives it some thought, and strolls down to Mr. Hancock's wharf. Thinking Mr. Hancock could give him a job, Johnny is rejected but given a pouch of silver and goes on a spending spree stuffing himself with food and purchases crayons and limes for Isannah, but she is frightened by Johnny's hand and Johnny leaves on his way to his mother's grave, and then to Merchant Lyte's house.
Chapter I Characters
Mr. Lapham is a pious man who helps Johnny strive for humbleness.

Mrs. Lapham is a hard working woman that doesn't always lead Johnny on the right path.

Dove is a troublemaker that teases and mocks Johnny.
Chapter II Characters
Johnny hurries to finish the sugar basin but is too caught up in his work and does not clean up his spill and ultimately trips and burns his hand.

Mr. Hancock asks Johnny to make a sugar basin ordering for it to be done by next Monday.

Dove hands Johnny the cracked crucible that breaks and spills silver on his hand.
Chapter IV
When Johnny strolls to Merchant Lyte's house, his story about a middle name and being related is not believed by Mr. Lyte. Johnny then tells him about a cup that can prove his relativity. After presenting his cup to Mr. Lyte, Merchant Lyte is appalled and takes Johnny's cup in thought of Johnny stealing it on the 23rd of August. Merchant testifies at court but is unable to because of Cilla's acount of seeing the cup before the 23rd of August. The judge believes Cilla and lets Johnny leave with the cup.
Chapter V
In chapter five Johnny tries to sell his cup to Merchant Lyte thinking he will pay the most because it would complete his set. Mt. Lyte takes the cup from Johnny and threatens him by saying that Johnny privately confessed to stealing the cup and would testify in court and have Johnny be punished. Johnny sneaks and, still without a job, and goes to Rab and Uncle Lorne to work for the Boston Observer. Johnny runs into Cilla and Isannah while at the water pump and agrees to meet them every Monday and Thursday, but Johnny does not fulfill that promise. While Johnny practices riding with his stubborn horse Goblin, he and Rab go to a dance and while at the dance, Rab is not himself and is very happy and cheerful while Johnny forgets about his hand.
Chapter VI
Johnny and the Whigs meet in the printing shop's attic for a meeting withholding the dumping of the tea which is in a ship that has been in the harbor for too long. They agree they will meet at Old South church and if Sam Adams shouts a phrase they will go unload the ship of tea. Mr. Adams shouts the phrase and all the "indians" and some volunteers join in the unloading of the tea.
Chapter VII
England closes the Boston ports for the Tea Party incident until the colonist pay for the tea. Meanwhile Johnny is jealous of Cilla coming by often to meet up with Rab. Cilla is now Lavinia Lyte's servant as she is so fond of Isannah. Johnny finds out that Rab and Dove are stable boys and Dove is usually bullied by the others. Johnny protects Dove even though he used to have great hatred for him. Johnny also occasionally visits Cilla and Isannah while they live in the Lyte house, which leads him to meet the maid Ms. Bessie, who is Cilla's best friend and strong Whig.
Chapter VIII
Before the Whig mob, Ms. Bessie warns the Lyte household to leave. Johnny and Cilla borrow Dr. Warren's carriage who is back relieving Mr. Lyte to return to the Lyte manor to retrieve the valuable silver left behind. While there, Johnny discovers he is the grand nephew of Mr. Lyte, but leaves his cup there and states he has no more connections with the Lytes. After, Rab tries to buy a British gun from a farmer but is caught while he is let go with just a slap on the wrist. The observers hold their last meeting above the printing shop because of risk of being caught, and, at that meeting, James Otis states a famous quote saying, "That a man can stand up",
Chapter IX
Paul Revere has assembled a group of masters and apprentices to watch the British forces. Lydia gives Johnny a paper that reveals the British's plans. The Whigs successfully seize the military supplies. Johnny has found out the British Pumpkin is a Whig and would like to be a farmer, so Johnny gives him a farmer's smock in exchange for his musket and uniform. The British find out about the transaction and executes Pumpkin for it.
Chapter X
Paul Revere and Dr. Warren plan to warn Massachusetts about the British plans of advancing. Rab warns Johnny of the British not letting anyone out once fighting starts, and Johnny is disappointed in Rab's departure. Johnny offers to tag along but Rab refuses and says he is better a spy than a man that can't shoot a gun. After spying on Colonel Smith and tips from Dove, Johnny figures out the British plans to go toward Lexington and Concord. Johnny alerts Paul Revere and while Revere and Warren are split on ideas, Johnny overhears the first shots of the war.
Chapter XI
Dr. Warren tells Johnny of the battle and that some men have died, and Johnny immediately assumes that one of the men were Rab. Adams, Hancock, Revere, and Warren have gone to the countryside to fight while Boston remains in turmoil. Johnny travels to the Lyte house and finds out that Ms. Bessie is packing up to go to London with the Lytes. Johnny discovers there were five cups that came to America instead of four which is what Mr. Lyte had thought.
Chapter XII
Johnny travels to Concord searching for Rab. Johnny learned that Rab was injured in Lexington. While Rab is in critical condition, he asks Johnny to find is family for him. Johnny finds no one in the families' houses, and returns to find out Rab had died. Johnny takes a trip to Dr. Warren's office for his hand to be examined and fixed. If Johnny can withstand the pain, his hand can be fixed. Johnny takes a look outside and observes the people of Boston readying themselves for war.
Chapter III Characters
Rab is a nice boy who is good to Johnny and unchanged.

Uncle Lorne is honest and loyal to his country.

Merchant Lyte is greedy and corrupt.
Chapter IV Characters
Cilla tells the truth at the trial and is loyal to Johnny.

Merchant Lyte believes that Johnny is not telling the truth and that he's a thief.

Johnny tells the truth about the cup and is thankful to Rab and Cilla for their loyalism.
Chapter V Characters
Merchant Lyte steals Johnny's cup and is willing to lie to keep it.

Johnny runs from Mr. Lyte and his henchmen in fear of punishment for something he didn't do.

Uncle Lorne is kind to Johnny and offers him a job.
Chapter VII Characters
Johnny helps out the Whigs in the Whigs' meeting in the attic.

Sam Adams sticks to the plan and signals the Tea Party.

Rab helps Johnny get ready for the Tea Party by utilizing his hand.
Chapter VII Characters
Johnny is jealous of Rab for meeting up with Cilla without him knowing,

Isannah thinks highly of herself because she is beloved by Lavinia Lyte.

Ms. Bessie helps the Lytes and the Whigs even though she is a strong Whig.
Chapter VIII Characters
Ms. Bessie warns the Lytes of the Whig mob heading towards them.

Dr. Warren is kind enough to loan Cilla and Johnny his carriage.

James Otis makes a statement at the Whigs' final meeting that will change their ideas about the war to come.
Chapter IX Characters
by Evan Marg
Paul Revere tactfully plans out a militia to watch the British.

Johnny gives Rab a rifle that he extremely prized.

Pumpkin gave Johnny his gun and uniform and died for it.
Chapter X Characters
Paul Revere warns the state of Massachusetts of the redcoats.

Dr. Warren kindly helps Paul Revere warn the colonists.

Johnny gets key information from the British to help out the Whigs.
Chapter XI Characters
Dr. Warren provides Johnny with some information on the battle Rab participated in.

Ms. Bessie packs up for the Lyte's as they leave for Great Britain.

Johnny cares about his friend Rab and is devastated about the chance he could be dead,
Chapter XII Characters
Johnny travels to Concord in worry for his friend.

Rab sends Johnny away so Johnny does not need to watch him die.

Dr. Warren offers to free his hand so Johnny can use a weapon.
My Overall Summary of "Johnny Tremain"
Johnny Tremain is a book about courage, changing, and the revolutionary war. This book tells us how to have a good character and and to stand up for others.
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