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Cut the Deck - Reading Strategy Presentation

Reading strategy presentation for Campbell Collegiate Professional Development. Target areas - Setting a purpose, monitoring comprehension, determining what's important and making connections. Cut the Deck is a pre-reading and post-reading strategy.

Jordan McFarlen

on 20 March 2012

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Transcript of Cut the Deck - Reading Strategy Presentation

Cut the Deck A fun, interactive and engaging reading strategy. Materials Deck of cards - available in school library

Cut the Deck - student instruction sheet

Cut the Deck - group recording sheet

Reading passage Student Tasks 1. Generating a question during reading.

2. Making connections to the text.

3. Identifying main ideas.

4. Identifying something interesting (not a main idea). 3. Each student needs to determine what his or her purpose is for reading based on the cards they drew. Student Tasks If the student drew... Student generates a question during reading 2,3 or 4 5,6 or 7 8,9 or 10 J, Q, K or Ace Student makes a new connection to the text Text to text Text to self Text to world Making a connection to something
else you have read or viewed (Print or online) Any personal connection (knowledge or experience) Looking beyond self and personal experiences to a more complex worldview (big picture) Student identifies a main idea Student identifies something interesting that is not a main idea Students read the
assigned text and record
their thinking according
to their task (individual recording sheet) 6 Students will record as each
group member shares his or
her thinking (group recording
sheet) 7 Students reflect... 1. Students discuss the questions,
connections, main ideas and
interesting points.

2. Students will identify how this
helps them comprehend the text. Now let's give it a try... 1. Prepare two decks of cards (each deck separated into suits) 2. Organize students into groups of 4-5. Each group receives one pile. Each student draws 2 cards. Steps Not a surface question
but a deeper question. A main idea is not a
topic but answers "what
about" the topic. Differentiate between
what is interesting and
what is important. Using the group recording sheet 4 5 Renie Leibel Jordan McFarlen Tracy Houk Interesting Important
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