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Religion Homework

No description

Natalie Khoury

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Religion Homework

Mohandas Gandhi + Martin Luther King Religious personalities project Martin Luther King 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr King, always interested in civil rights, was heavily influenced by Gandhi's policy of non violence when he visited India with his wife and met with Muhammad Jinnah. His involvement with the black civil rights movement was closely related to his Protestant faith. After gaining a major victory in the Bus Boycott of 1956,he became president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957. The ideals for this organisation came from Christianity, but the method of non violence from Gandhi. Mohandas Gandhi Martin Luther king was Born in Atlanta, Georgia 1929, the son of a Baptist minister. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King Jr. entered public school at age 5. In May, 1936 he was baptized, but the event made little impression on him. In May, 1941, Martin was 12 years old when his grandmother, Jennie, died of a heart attack. The event was traumatic for Martin, more so because he was out watching a parade against his parents' wishes when she died. Distraught by the news, young Martin jumped from a second story window at the family home, allegedly attempting suicide. religious views This discomfort continued through much of his teenage
years initially leading him to decide against entering the
ministry, much to his father's dismay. But in his junior
year, Martin took a Bible class, renewed his faith and
began to envision a career in the ministry. When Martin was young, he questioned religion in general and felt uncomfortable with overly emotional displays of religious worship. 1944 He believed that all people were created equal. He worked towards equality and organising non-violent protests and marches. He believed that it's never correct to use violence because its is not God's will and only expresses anger and hatred. He received part of this inspiration by an Indian reformer Mahatma-Gandhi. He believed in praying for those who persecute them and asking for forgivenes for them.
Martin Luther King Jr. and his supporters were making plans for a massive demonstration on the nation's capital composed of multiple organizations, all asking for peaceful change. On August 28, 1963, the historic March on Washington drew more than 200,000 people in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial. It was here that King made his famous "I Have a Dream" speech, emphasizing his belief that someday all men could be brothers. Martin Luther king lived a good life though it took hard work and many struggles, he accomplished a lot and most importantly he made a difference. On December 5, 1955, Martin Luther King, Jr. was unanimously elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association which led the Montgomery Bus Boycott. King was then arrested in February on the charges of conspiracy. The boycott lasted 382 days but In the end on December 21, 1956, the Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation on public transportation was illegal. He lived a good life doing the things he was interested in (civil rights) even if struggles came along the way because without his hard work, he wouldn't have been able to make racial segregation illegal. Mohandas Gandhi is considered the father of the Indian independence movement. Gandhi spent twenty years in South Africa working to fight discrimination. It was there that he created his concept of satyagraha, a non-violent way of protesting against injustices.

While in India, Gandhi's obvious virtue, simplistic lifestyle, and minimal dress endeared him to the people. He spent his remaining years working diligently to both remove British rule from India as well as to better the lives of India's poorest classes. Many civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King Jr., used Gandhi's concept of non-violent protest as a model for their own struggles. I think Gandhi lived a good life because he was always satisfied with what he had and he wasn't materialistic. If he was always satisfied with what he had, that meant he was content didn't need anything else. Gandhi wore very simple clothes and led a simple approach to life, he didn't care much about material things,enabling him to focus more on important things in life and living with peace. He lived a good life. coming from a poor background, Gandhi proved that money doesn't always mean good and that you can live a good life with just the right amount. Gandhi accomplished so many things and was able to live a good life with little money living by peace and no violence. Which is what he believed in so i think if he lived his life according to what he believed in, then he lived a good life He also fought for the peaceful understanding of different religions. When fights broke out between Hindus and Muslims he tried to talk to them and when that did not help he started to fast which he did a lot of times in his life. Once he nearly fasted to death when Hindus and Muslims fought against each other. Then the fights stopped and the two religions started to live together in peace again. He also fasted when he heard of violence against the British or against soldiers or policemen. Violence made him very sad and he had more than once the feeling that all he had done was useless when people fought each other again. What makes a good life? In my opinion, a good life is a life with happiness and living it with the people you love, doing the things that you enjoy and change. Because change is good, though it is different and seems unusual, its healthy and can open your eyes to different possibilities. if you live a life with the same routine everyday, you start to get used to it and too comfortable, you don't have any motivation or challenge to do something new. what is a good life? A good life has to have Meaningful Productivity. We have a built in desire to be productive in a meaningful way. Yes, a good life includes time for relaxation and reflection, but it is not centered around those things. The things we do on vacation are very enjoyable, but doing them full time is not the key to a good life. Life needs balance, and productivity gives us a sense of accomplishment and value that we can’t get from laying on the beach for months on end. Also Good friends and close companions are an important part of a good life, because without friends, you would be lonely and i don't think living a life alone is good. material things and money aren't very important i think that if you have a good amount of money to be able to feed yourself and have a home, then it is enough because too much money doesn't define a good life. Did Martin luther king live a good life? Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, a small state in western India. Did Gandhi live a good life? what did Gandhi believe in? religious views at a young age Key events Beliefs
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