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Six Month Review January to June 2015

No description

Billy Hester

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of Six Month Review January to June 2015

Six Month Review
January to June 2015
en.vi.ron.ment (n.)
conditions and influences that affect the growth, health, and progress of something

cli.mate (n.)
the usual or most widespread mood or conditions of a place
A New Way Forward...
"Begin with the end in mind"
Where We Left Off...
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen R. Covey
Completed Tasks
Tasks to Complete/Review
Home Rule Proposals
Contracts via Resolution
Disposition of City Property
Procurement of A&E Services

Capital Improvements
Paving Plan
Maryland-Stadium Intersection
Recreational Facilities
Review of Rec/Youth Center
Holiday of Lights Building

Business License Review
Land Reuse Agency
Dog Park
City Transit Shelters
Public Works Overhead Cover
Long-Term Stay Ordinance

Police Firing Range
College Avenue Project
City Park Tennis Courts
Comprehensive Plan
Capital Reinvestment Strategy

The Financial Picture
Snapshot of City Work
Parks and Recreation
Community Partners
Camps and Events
Neighborhood Playgrounds
Monthly meetings with utility companies
Rt. 52/Bluefield State College intersection
Paving and Patching
Sidewalk Incentive Plan Pilot Program
Police Department
Heads Up Mercer County App
Police Department
Building Inspection
Code Enforcement
Fire Department
Bluefield Area Transit
Information Technology
Public Works
Review of contracts
Snow Trucks
Equipment Upgrades
Public Works
Building a Better Bluefield
Cleaning Up Bluefield
Best of Bluefield Award
Donor Projects
2015-2015 Year Projects
Board Officer Projects
Kee Dam agreement
Consolidation of leases and agreements
Leased Vacant Commercial Building Ordinance

Some of Our Community Partners
The Next Six Months...
1) Staggered elections for Board of Directors
2) Revamp Boards and Commissions
3) Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge Reopening
4) Fire Department Organizational Study
5) Incentive Plans for Existing and New Business
6) Land Reuse Agency
7) Take an inventory and quality measurement of infrastructure needs across the City of Bluefield and future growth zones
Street Fees
Old - $5/month
New - $8/month
Change - $3/month
Estimated New Revenue
$ 131,069
Paving the city every
37 years not 83 years.
Garbage Fees
Was: $15/month
Now: $20/month
Change: $5/month
Estimated New Revenue
New garbage truck
costs $130,000.
Fire Fees*
Was: $7.60/month
Now: $14.60/month
Change: $7/month
Estimated New Revenue
New fire truck cost is
* Fire fee of a 2,000 sq. ft. house
Note: Licenses are tracking measures, not revenue generators
Categories of Licenses Before Review
Five License Categories Now
General business
Itinerant Vendor
Insurance Company
Private Club (>1,000, <1,000, and Fraternal)
Alcohol licenses (Liquor, Wine, and Beer)
Fee Adjustment
Revenues: $9,378,743
Expenditures: $9,451,012
Overage of $72, 269 that was covered by the over $1 million in carry over funds from 2013-2014 year
$75,000 Board Approved Pilot Program
Pre-bid with local contractors
Pay-in-full or opt for 0% interest, 36-month loan with lien on property
Available today! Sign up with City Engineer Tony Wagner
Citations Issued
4,072 of which 2,588 were warning citations
Arrests Made
Cases Assigned
Calls Responded To
Firearms Confiscated
100 confiscated
27 of those seized
Drugs Seized
82 cases
Free application for smart phone users
Developed with grant funding
Bluefield leading the way for Mercer County
Can be altered to receive notifications you want to receive
549 cases
Trash and Litter - 24%
General Building Condition - 26%
Overgrown Grass and Weeds - 32%
Meet the Code Enforcement Officers
Lori Mills
Joe Bell
Robert Flowers
226 Building Permits
14 structures demolished
4 structures awaiting demolition
11 in various stages of condemnation
0 backlog of homes waiting to be demolished
43 rental property inspections completed
12 issued certificates of compliance
4 unfit for habitation
27 with repair work pending
Highway Safety
Ongoing Issues
Animal Control
73 complaints
17 pit bulls removed
Major cases
Fire Incidents
EMS Calls
Vehicle Accidents
Goodwill Calls
Service Calls
HAZMAT Training in Pueblo, Arizona paid for by Norfolk Southern Railroad
#2 Rural Carrier with 224,900 Riders
Trolley Rentals
Pipestem Tours
Grants totaling over $15,000
Mel Saunders, Recycling Coordinator, is available for presentations for a variety of groups by calling: 304.327.2401 ext. 2409
Mel Saunders presenting to a group of Russian environmental scientists on a cultural exchange with the Center for International Understanding.
New phone system:
estimated annual savings
Summer Hire Program
East River Mountain Clean-Up
Mitchell Stadium Clean Up Day
July 30, 2015
Janet Williams - Powell Street
Robert and Ginger Myers - Walters Street
Police Firing Range
Press Box
Dog Park
Baseball/Softball Complex
407 tons of asphalt
poured in past six months
to repair pot holes and pave short streets in-house
"Unfortunately, the Region sometimes appears stuck in remembering the best of days gone by. To succeed, the Region must realize that not only is change good, but it is necessary. A community that does not embrace change and adapt itself accordingly will continue to see itself falling behind more progressive communities."
Stephen Covey and Habit #2: "Begin with the end in mind.
Economic Development Goals
Job creation
Private investment
Tax base expansion
Wealth creation
Higher quality of life
Higher standard of living
Provide opportunities for young adults to stay in the area
"Remember it is the goal and not the role"
Common idea of what the end is = common goal
New Approach to Economic Development
Innovative ideas
Existing industry expansion along with industry recruitment
Talent and creativity
Targeted incentives
Industry clusters
Entrepreneurship (adults and students)
Regional collaboration
Quality of place and/or place-making
Current Initiatives
Asset inventory
myBluefield Business Directory
Business visitation program
Business attraction
Strategic partnerships
Tourism is a vital part of economic development
Be aggressive and seek new opportunities
Strategic Planning
Comprehensive Plan
Marketing plan and materials
Training seminars
Incentives to entice growth
Human Resources
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