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My Perfect World

No description

bethany brausch

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of My Perfect World

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start - When you are of age of marrying (20), you may pick your own spouse.
- You must have been dating for at least 3 years (consecutively).
- Once you are married, you may start having kids one year after being married. Your children are expected to have good manners.
- Marriage is considered very important, and you would be look down upon if you were to split.
- When you get married you move out, but you are to visit your parents often.
- All houses are required to have an outdoor area.
- When you get old and all your children have moved out, you can go to a retirement/nursing home.
- When you die you are cremated. Keeping the Peace Hopefully these obstacles will be overcome, and we will be able to master having a perfect world. My Perfect World Creating a Peaceful Community Overcoming Family Issues Rules
- Every citizen gets a Segway at age 10.
- You are required to go to church every Sunday.
- Along with these rules, you have most of the laws we have today.

- If you break a law you go to court.
- Your punishment depends on the crime you commit. Most felonies result in community service.
- If you have committed a large amount of crimes, or a large crime you go to jail. Family Life Rules and Regulations Everyday Life Children
- Every child starts going to school when they are five. No exceptions.
- A school you learn math, reading, science, history, a class on the problems of the old world (grade 8), nature, and behavior/the bible.

- Once you graduate from grade school, you can go into any field you want. If you can't decide you will be placed in a position that the government thinks is best for you.
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