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Technology in the 1940s

No description

Kylee Bowman

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Technology in the 1940s

Technology in the 1940's By Kylee Bowman and Rebeka Humbrecht The Atomic Bomb Color TV "Little Boy" "Little Boy" when it was dropped on Hiroshima. "Fat Man" "Fat Man" when it was dropped on Nagasaki. They used scrolls, not a remote or button. CAT Scan Telephones There were ten dial holes, that each showed reference to letters and numbers underneath. Microwaves This shows how telephones progressed over the years. This is a picture of Dr. Percy Spencer, who accidentally discovered microwave technology. Old microwave. Current day microwaves. Unlike the TV's you see today, the screens were very small. TV was usually watched Friday,
Saturday, and Sunday. Commercials from the 1940s Questions?
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